Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Search of Vintage Bathroom Vanities

Do all things with a nostalgic echo stir up some wonderful memories in you? Do you earnestly believe that classic pieces are defined by unparalleled elegance and charm, and that one must celebrate their timeless intrigue?

Thankfully, you are not alone in your attempts in taking a trip down memory lane. And before you are convinced that your dreams of recreating that magic of yesteryears will remain nothing but a black hole, take time off to admire some simply breathtaking vintage bathroom vanities.

They manage to infuse life into bathrooms that seem to be floundering for breath with impeccable refinement and unmatched sophistication.

That Unmistakable Regal Touch

Antique looking classy bathroom vanities are crafted from solid antique wood, with a detailed china top. That's really the secret to their intriguing, almost bewitching beauty. Modern-day advances ensure that the magnificence of exquisite, intricate carvings and etchings are protected with the help of chemicals.

If there's even an iota of doubt about the quality of these vanities, here's a pronouncement that is sure to gladden many hearts. The quality of these antiques is exemplar par excellence, as they are carved from high density fiber board that is further enhanced with a superb stain finish. Antique water faucets and antique brass and ceramic hardware only add to the ethereal appeal.

And before you make snap judgments about the functionality, or rather the lack of it, these vanities surprise you with an enormous amount of storage space.

Selecting One Could Take You Ages

You may find it rather hard to resist the exceptionally beautiful appearance of these bathroom vanities, but there's something else that you are sure to find more arduous. Just try your hand at picking your favorite, and you'll be able to comprehend the enormity of this decision.

There's the Antique Oak Record Cabinet for bathroom vanity that takes your breath away with its sawn oak construction, smoldering bronze faucets and pristine white sink. It is a spectacle that promises pure, unrestrained happiness. For those that believe in uninhibited opulence, the Marble Top French Dresser is both unique and rare.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a bathroom that will become the cynosure of all eyes.

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