Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Improvement Tips - Types of Countertops

It used to be that laminate was pretty much your only choice for kitchen countertops. Those days are thankfully long gone but now a homeowner is faced with a variety of choices and wide range of prices available for your kitchen renovation.

Some of the popular choices include:

Ceramic Tile

This remains as a popular and economical alternative that is heat and scratch resistant. It is high maintenance though since it needs to have it's grout sealed regularly to avoid staining.


This is a incredibly versatile surface that can be textured and detailed with patterns unlike any other surface. However it is extremely porous and needs to be regularly sealed to avoid stains.

Engineered Stone

This product is made of a quartz composite with colored pebbles or different materials giving its wide range of colors. Texture is usually even and the colors can be reproduced over larger areas. It as extremely durable product that can resist heat and stain.


Granite is a natural stone. It comes from different regions of the world and can vary widely in color and pattern. It needs to be seamed and requires period sealing to avoid stains. It cannot tolerate high heat from hot pans.


Laminate comes in a variety of colors but is not designed to be long lasting. Although it is somewhat stain resistant it will scratch easily. It will also burn easily from hot pans.


This is another natural stone that is porous and stains easily. It must be sealed every two to five years. They are also easily scratched and cannot take high heat from hot pans.


This is a third natural stone that is less porous and doesn't require sealing but can be easily scratched

Stainless Steel

This is a very popular product because of the sleek modern look it conveys. It is very durable and resists staining. Often times the surface is brushed to hide any scratches.


Various types of hardwoods can be used for countertops. It does require regular sealing to avoid drying out and is susceptible to burns from hot pans.

These are some of the pros and cons of the more popular types of countertops. Choose your countertop carefully depending on your usage and needs.

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