Friday, September 4, 2009

Are Replacement Bulbs For Exit Signs a Thing of the Past

If you jump into the 21st century and utilize a truly remarkable line of sustainable products known as photoluminescents, then you will never use or replace another light bulb in any your emergency exit signs ever again. The reason why? There will no longer be light bulbs involved. As a matter of fact, you will no longer need electricity to power these signs either.

Photoluminescent technology has been around for over 50 years, but it has not been an acceptable option for approved egress signs until now. You see, photoluminescent products contain plastic coatings that are infused with pigments that glow in the dark. Now glow in the dark items have been around for decades, but because of today's high-tech research and development, the materials have been greatly enhanced. Today these photoluminescent materials can glow brighter and hold a charge for much longer periods of time, and because of this fact photoluminescent exit signs and emergency signs are now recommended by federal agencies, osha and other governing bodies. So now I am sure you can see that the light bulb illuminated signs are in danger of extinction.

Unless you are crazy...light bulbs ARE a thing of the past, for exit signs anyway. This is why... Photoluminescent exit signs are less expensive than the old fashioned signs. They do not use light bulbs, which are also expensive and need to be replaced continually throughout the sign's use. They do NOT require electricity to power them, which is also expensive. They cost hardly anything to install, whereas the old electric powered signs require you to hire an electrician to install. Do you see the pattern here? So why would anyone in their right mind want to use the old fashioned emergency exit signs that require electricity or batters and light bulbs?

So there you have it, I predict that changing light bulbs in emergency exit signs IS a thing of the past... or soon to be.

I wrote this article because of my experience with these signs. I recently rehabbed an old office building and decided to go with the latest technology for my emergency exit routes, and I found this to be a no-brainer, and I just wanted to share!

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