Monday, September 7, 2009

Use Videos to Properly Outsource Article Writing and Copywriting

There is a right way and a wrong guy to do most things, and when outsourcing is concerned, there are many more wrong ways than right ways to delegate tasks. With article writing and copywriting, this is especially true. Many internet marketers simply say, "Give me 100 articles about canoeing!" And expect to make money. Big mistake.

Although I write most of my own articles and copy, my favorite method for outsourcing is the PowerPoint ad lib. After I have chosen my niche, I will make an outline for that niche... and by outline... I mean 30 to 100 burning emotional questions related to that niche. Each one of those questions becomes an article title. Instead of writing the article, I make a PowerPoint presentation with about three slides per presentation. Each slide has a title and just one or two bullet points. Then, I fire up screen capture software like Jing or Camtasia and simply record myself, with audio, giving this PowerPoint presentation.

Now, I can give the PowerPoint videos to the article writer and say, write a 250 to 500 word article on this topic using all the info I have given you here. Make sure they do not use any of the words you use, just the same ideas. With even a little bit of practice, cranking out 10 videos in one hour or 90 minutes is entirely possible, and then your day is done. Just get the writer to turn those videos into solo ads, sales letters, squeeze pages, special reports, articles, blog posts, anything you want. That is much more effective than giving a writer the name of your niche and letting them go crazy. You get exactly what you want.

Also keep in mind that this method makes it extremely easy to rewrite articles. Many marketers who try to rewrite content give their written articles to writers, and tell people to rewrite the article and they end up with the exact same thing, with some words shuffled around. But if you give the same video to different writers, and make it very clear you want that writer's own interpretation of the video, you can have the same article written three or four times that is 100 percent unique.

Finally, when outsourcing, remember that you are creating a blueprint. Document all your results, use the same form letter when posting article writing and copywriting jobs so you can systemize it at some point. Heck, at some point you might even find somebody else who can do the research and record the videos for you, to then hand them off to writers. That is a good way to get on track to automated article writing and copywriting.

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