Sunday, September 6, 2009

Article Writing and Link Building

If you own a website through which you sell cookery books, then ideally all of the content that is contained within your website should be related to cooking and books. Your visitors don't want to arrive at your website to look for a book on Italian food only to find that you have written ten pages about your life and how you love horse riding. Don't be "fluffy" when writing about your products, be direct and straight to the point, entice people to purchase your product, don't use twenty words when five will do.

For example: A product review...

A bad review for a product:

"Cooking the Italian Way by Mr J Blogs - I have chosen this book for my website because it is a very nice book about Italian food with lovely pictures and my grandmother thinks that it would be good in anyone's kitchen because the author is nice looking and the recipes are easy to follow...blah blah blah.

Price: 10.99, please visit the check out page to order a copy"

A good review for the same product:

"Cooking the Italian Way by Mr J Blogs - Beautifully illustrated, a must buy for anyone with a passion for Italian food. With easy to follow recipes and step by step preparation instructions. Rating 9/10

Buy it now (link to checkout) > 10.99

Other great Italian books>>>"

Notice here that the "bad" review was just too vague and did not get the potential buyer fired up to purchase the product, there were no ratings, no quick links to the check out and no links to other Italian cook books. Basically it gave across the impression that the book was ok but it was nothing special and left too many opportunities for the potential buy to just go somewhere else.

The same principle applies to article writing, make sure that it gets the message across. I know this may sound a simple process, but why not go do some research online and see how many other websites are making the same mistakes. Think back to the last time you visited a website and left straight way because it wasn't relevant to you. Now take that experience and apply it to your own website. Try to imagine yourself as the visitor and ask yourself the question what would make me buy this company's product or service? Being critical offline can help formulate a strong search engine optimisation strategy online. Mastering the basics of writing an interesting article can work magic for link building and ultimately improve your search engine placement.

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