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Pride Can Often Create Problems Religion

Have you ever talked to someone about their religious beliefs, only to find out that they are very stubborn, they only want to talk about their beliefs and do not want to listen to your opinion at all. I have met plenty of people that fall into this category and rarely do I run into someone with an open mind about their religious beliefs. These people often try to make you feel stupid and don't realize, that they are the ones who are actually ignorant.

Pride can often create problems in religion and only later when you see the truth can you really understand how stubborn you were. The problem with these people, is that once they find the truth, it's another lie and they seem to push these beliefs on to others. Often these people can be very aggressive and it almost seems like they need to make up for lost time, since they were wrong about their last religion.

Psalm 10:4 In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.

It seems like pride has often got man into trouble and rarely gotten him out of it. Pride can often start wars but only after defeat or education can they be ended. While some people go around town shoving religion down your throat in the name of God, others are ignoring the information completely. The problems in religion resulting from someone's pride have created too many problems throughout history and need to be stopped. Turn your prideful thinking into a compassionate mind.

The next time you meet someone on the street or in a store and they look different or have different beliefs, humble yourself and be kind to them. Show a little compassion instead of pride. Maybe, just maybe you could even make friends with these people and learn something about their beliefs. Often you will find that their religious beliefs are not that much different than yours and this could get you thinking and rethinking about your religion.

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You Are Going to Lose Your Job! What Does That Do to Your Attitude?

The news is out. Many people will be losing their jobs. Will you be one of them? What does that do to your attitude?

To most, it will send them in a downward spiral of self pity, disappointment and negativity. They will become a victim and it will be reflected in their attitude. They will let the outside world enter and destroy their inside world. They will loose more than their job. They will lose their role in life, their self confidence, their self esteem and self respect. They will loose their sense of self worth and their net worth.

Why? Primarily because they never took control of their life or never determined what things are within their control. They were living a life of chance and circumstance from the outside in. They forgot who the most important person in the world is and got caught up in today's fast growing addiction - becoming a corporate junkie.

They became corporate junkies because they had nothing better to do or because of the fear of loosing their jobs if they didn't keep up with the other junkies. In the process they forgot themselves, their desires, their dreams, their aspirations and even their families. And now, they stand to lose it all.

Losing your job is an awakening call. It is time to wake up and to start living your life from the inside-out. It is time to get to know you. It is time to define what you want to be, to do or to have and to create a plan to make it happen the way you envisioned. It is time to take control of your life and start living the life your so desire.

You may or may not know if you are going to lose your job, but why wait to find out. Have a proactive attitude if you want to take care of the most important person in the world. Don't wait, as a reactive attitude is sure to destroy your spirit.

Start planning your future life today. If you were to lose your job, what would you do next?

If you comprise a prepared mindset and a contingency plan, they will set you apart from the junkies. Your proactive attitude will shine and your actions will speak louder than words. Your changed attitude will make you more desirable and thus, you may not loose your job.

Wouldn't it be great to be in a position to have a choice of opportunities? These opportunities only come to those who are in control of their lives and know what they want, where they are going and how they are going to get there.

You need to take control of your life and make some decisions. Do you want to live a life of chance and circumstance or do you want to live the life of your dreams? Do you want to work for the accomplishment of your goals or for the accomplishment of someone else's goals? Will you have a proactive attitude or a reactive attitude?

Only you, the decision maker, can make the decision work. It is your life so what will it be? Rise up, make a decision and reap the benefits. Nothing is standing in your way.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Common Mistakes With Faux Finishes - House Remodeling Ideas

The elements of faux painting aren't difficult but there's always room for error here and there. Keep these important tips in mind and you're half way there.

1. Your end result is only going to be as good as your materials. That applies to paint and brush quality but above all to your surface. Think of it as your canvas. You're about as likely to achieve your aims on a surface coated with flat paint as you would be painting on tissue paper.

Eggshell or satin base paint is the best undercoat. Faux finishes don't work as well on flat paint surfaces. Paint also needs to dry slowly and flat finishes tend to dry quickly and the scope for fixing mistakes is limited. Finally, underlying flat paint just seems to dull finishes.

2. A few cents of commonsense is worth dollars of equipment. Don't bother with unnecessary gimmicks. Spend your money on quality paints and brushes instead. You don't need a special sponge applicator - almost any soft sponge will do. You don't need an artist's palette. Ice cube trays are cheap and actually hold more paint.

Don't waste that paint! You can always stick it in the freezer rather than letting it harden. Another money-saving tip is to use dishwashing liquid for cleaning brushes. You can buy fancy cleaners but a grease-cutting dishwashing liquid works just fine with water-based paints and with stencil creams, which are partially oil-based.

3. If your surface is pitted or cracked, it will need filling, and sanding when dry. A common error is to assume that that once your faux finish is completed your job is done. Wrong! You MUST seal with water-based sealer before painting, or your wall will look blotchy and diseased. Seal with a color that blends in with the rest of the wall or patches will show through. If you don't have that original paint, mix the sealer with suitably colored acrylic paint to minimize the contrast.

4. You know the saying: oil and water don't mix. Remember that when painting or suffer the consequences. The resulting curdled slush is not pretty. In short, know your paints and read your labels. Latex paint may sound like it's oil-based but it's part-water.

5. Not only is it true that mess is stress, but lack of cleanliness will foul up your finish. You need to clean brushes really well if you don't want previously used colors contaminating your handiwork. Running water and finger massage won't clean properly. That doesn't mean you need expensive professional cleaning pads. Check the kids' department: you can find cleaning pads there at a fraction of the price.

You need to maintain a clean working environment, especially when working for others. Small splashes on carpets can be handled without chemicals. Try nail scissors. Wait until the paint is dry. Adding water just spreads it. Then snip the soiled ends, strand by strand. This won't work on larger patches, so make sure you use drop cloths as a preventative measure. For disasters that can't be trimmed out, try product called Goof Off.

6. When using glazes, wet is the watchword! You need to finish in one seamless session. That means no bathroom breaks (so go before you start!) or refreshment interludes. Wet and dry edges won't mix, the dry glaze won't spread and it will show. Work fast, especially in hot dry climates.

7. You may not recognize your painting style, but everyone has their own unique technique. That's why collaborative efforts don't work. People can work together as long as they work on different layers or walls, not different sections of the same layer/wall. Your style can even change during a day: pre- and post-lunch. Plan your sessions and breaks to maximize uniformity in technique.

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Feng Shui For Troubled Times

Authentic Feng Shui balances both visible and invisible energies. This is a critical difference from hobbyist or "do it yourself" Feng Shui that concentrates on changing what is visible about your environment - the arrangement of furniture, for example. In contrast, a professional practitioner of authentic Feng Shui also manages the powerful unseen energies in an environment and this is how it is possible to bring about almost miraculous results.

Still, with the economy pumping so much uncertainty and anxiety into the environment, it's important to do all you can to create a supportive and protective environment. If you can't immediately tap the expertise of a professional Feng Shui consultant, here are some common-sense ways to address - and improve - the visible energies in your home or office.

1. Create a clean and orderly environment. With all that's going on in the outside world, it's smart to make your interior world as stress-free as possible, and that starts by removing all visible signs of clutter, unfinished tasks, disorder and disrepair. There's no need to put on white gloves and spend every spare moment cleaning. However, the cleaner and clearer your rooms, the better air currents - and energy - will flow. As a result, you will feel calmer, safer and more productive. The reason is that everything, from a piece of paper to a dirty pot in the sink, has an energetic vibration. When there are too many objects in a room, there is simply too much vibration. This makes it difficult for you to concentrate and can leave you feeling anxious, pressured and cranky.

2. Lighten your rooms - and your mood. With so much bad news coming at you from every direction, it's easy to feel down and depressed. Did you know that spending too much time in dark rooms can actually contribute to depression, aching bones and other ailments? Let the sunshine in! Sunlight actually stimulates the optic nerve and tells the brain whether to produce serotonin (the wake-up, feel-good hormone) or melatonin (the time-to-sleep hormone). Sunlight is also a natural disinfectant that warms, brightens, and kills mold, mildew and germs. Light is a yang (vibrant) energy and in these tough times you want to bring in all the light you can to tip the balance away from living in an overly yin environment. Add a skylight if you can! If not, pull back the blinds, clean your windows, and turn up the lights. Full-spectrum light bulbs are wonderful since they reproduce the quality of natural sunlight and its positive effective on your body and mood.

3. Make peace with your dcor! Conflicting colors and patterns not only conflict with each other - they can put you in conflict with your environment. Their warring vibrations constantly jar your eye, making you feel anxious and irritable. Plus, constantly looking at conflicting colors and patterns will strain your eyes (creating fatigue and headaches) and, over time, put pressure on your liver. Headaches, anxiety and health issues are the last things you need: make it a priority to surround yourself with colors and patterns that are in harmony with one another - and with you.

4. An eyesore is an eyesore. Anything that you see in your environment that bothers you will eventually depress your immune system. Get rid of those eye sores: chipped dishes, torn clothing, frayed or stained furniture, etc. And if you have an "eye sore view" from your window, immediately hang sheer curtains to block the view while still filling your room with beneficial light.

5. De-clutter your mind. A cluttered home or business creates a disorganized mind. And a disorganized mind usually does not handle stress well, nor can you think clearly. Clutter literally clogs your home with energy that may cause depression and an out-of-control feeling. Not being able to find your things can subconsciously send the message that you're failing. Sometimes you allow clutter simply because you are just too exhausted to do anything about it. The irony is that it is often the clutter itself that is inciting this feeling of fatigue. Free yourself from clutter so things can begin to open up in your home - and in your life.

Remember, what's visible in your environment is always a manifestation of what's going on inside. The good news is that you can also use this principle in reverse! When you feel inner turbulence, use that anxious energy to transform your external environment: clean, clear away clutter, brighten, and beautify! You'll be amazed at the immediate changes you begin to experience in how your environment looks and in how you feel.

(c) 2008 Rupal Mehta Turner

Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes "The Prosperity Report," a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you're ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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Feng Shui 2009 (Part 1) - Predictions

The year of Ji Chou (Earth Ox) begins on 4th February 2009 and ends on 4th February 2010. The #9 purple star occupies the central position this year. I have used two factors to predict the events of 2009 - the elements in the year of Ji Chou (Earth Ox) and the central star #9 purple star.

Animal birth signs
People born in the chou (ox) year i.e. 4th February 1937 - 4th February 1938, 4th February 1949 - 4th February 1950, 4th February 1961 - 4th February 1962, 4th February 1973 - 4th February 1974, 4th February 1985 - 4th February 1986, 4th February 1997 - 4th February 1998, 4th February 2009 - 4th February 2010 should be careful regarding their decisions and generally lay low this year. This year you will find it difficult to progress and there may be many changes in your life.

If you are born in wei (Goat) year - 4th February 1943 - 4th February 1944, 4th February 1955 - 4th February 1956, 4th February 1967 - 4th February 1968, 4th February 1979 - 4th February 1980, 4th February 1991 - 4th February 1992, 4th February 2003 - 4th February 2004 this year will be a difficult year for you, progress will be slow. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and disputes as you stand to loose more than gain anything. There will be many changes in your life.

If you are born in wei (goat) month (6th July - 7th August) then this year you will run into relationship hassles with your parents. In severe cases you may have a fall out with your parents. In office you could have problems with your superiors or immediate boss.

Other animal signs that need to be careful this year is xu (dog), people born in 4th February 1946 - 4th February 1947, 4th February 1958 - 4th February 1959, 4th February 1970 - 4th February 1971, 4th February 1982 - 4th February 1983, 4th February 1994 - 4th February 1995, and 4th February 2006 - 4th February 2007. You need to be weary of hidden dangers and health issues. Chances are high that you may get into unnecessary fights or arguments with your colleagues, friends or family members. This will be an emotionally turbulent year for you.

If you are born in wu (horse) hour - 11am - 1pm, wei (goat) hour - 1pm - 3pm, xu (dog) hour - 7pm - 9pm, you will face obstacles in your academic pursuits or will not perform up to the mark in your examinations. You will face problems related to career advancement. You will face relationship issues with your children.

If you are born in zi (11pm - 1am), chou (1am - 3am), you (5pm - 7pm), si (9am - 11am) you should do well in your academic pursuits and examinations. You will find it easy to grow career wise.

Please note that the year of birth just represents 25% of the information of your natal chart, for an accurate analysis a complete bazi assessment of your natal chart is required.

Year 2009
The year of Ji Chou (Earth Ox) has earth element in the heaven stem and earth element in the earth element in the earthly branch, with hidden stems of water and metal element. This kind of earth is frozen earth or earth with snow. The image is that of vast open land with snow or frost. It represents hard work, perseverance, stability, stillness and trustworthiness.

Business scenario

This year in the business scenario there will be growth in the earth industry like construction, realty businesses, land and property dealers/ developers, recruitment or human resource agencies and insurance, competition will be on the rise, financial profits will be less.

Businesses that will generate good income this year are clothing and textile industry, publishing houses, timber and wood industry, schools and universities, education industry, paper industry, wooden furniture industry, book stores and food industry.

Businesses that may suffer a setback or generate little or no profits are telecommunication industry, media and broadcasting, internet related businesses, shipping industry, cruise industry, drinks and beverages industry.

This will be a productive year for business dealing in fuel, petroleum or petroleum based products, oil and gas industry, electronics and electrical appliances, restaurants, power industry etc. There will be new products and reforms made in this sector. The growth will be steady.

Metal related industries like banks, currencies, gold, copper, steel, aluminum, silver, heavy machineries may see little or no profits. Metal industry will suffer a setback.

The five elements represent different parts of a human body; earth represents the abdomen, stomach, muscles and cells, spleen. 2009 is a double earth year which means health issues will be pertaining to stomach, muscles and cells area. People will be more prone to health issues related to this area. On the other hand the #9 purple star represents heart and eyes. People will be prone to heart related disorders and eye problems. To sum it up in 2009 there will be a rise in stomach, muscles, heart, eye and cancer related problems.

People born in chou (ox) year - 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009; wei (goat) year- 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003; xu (dog) year 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006 need to be extra careful.

Shares and stock market
The stock market should have a steady growth this year.

Stocks and shares that will perform well are shares related to clothing and textile industry, food and food processing industry, wood and timber industry, bamboo, cane, cotton, publishing industry. Power, fuel, oil and gas related shares and stocks will have a steady growth this year.

Shares and stocks that may under perform or fall are realty, building and construction industry, insurance, stones and gems industry, gold, silver, copper, heavy machinery, banks, telecommunication, import/export, shipping, distillery, travel and tourism, marketing and advertising, aerated drinks, water sports, internet businesses, milk related businesses, bars, communication industry, transport industry and spas.

Global events
The #9 purple star represents fire therefore this year there will be a rise in fire related disasters like volcanoes, fire accidents and bomb blasts. Natural disasters are likely to strike in the northern, western and southeastern part of cities, states, countries and continents. Natural disasters will be related to floods, hurricanes in the northern side, one can expect destruction of properties and crops. The northeastern, southwestern and southeastern areas of cities, states, countries and continents will be prone to earthquakes and earth related disasters.

Terrorist related activities, robberies and armed assaults will be more towards east and southeast areas of cities, states, countries and continents.

A few of the #9 purple star's attributes are growth, future wealth, fast decisions, fiery passions, culture and glamour. In the world political arena you will see decisions being made after much heated debates and arguments. The #9 purple star denotes a middle aged sophisticated lady, ladies will be in the limelight this year and will be a driving force in bringing about changes and reforms in the political scenario. In the corporate world middle management people especially ladies in middle management will outshine others and will receive recognition for their work.

This year new reforms will be made and put in practice in the financial markets to prevent future meltdowns. Discussions, debates and ideas for financial security and management will be held. You can expect dynamic changes and political reforms from cities, states, countries located in the northern and western areas.

There will be a rise in cultural and fashion events. People will be drawn to such events. This year fashion will see new designs and designers. People will be more fashion conscious. Global cultural events will take place.

Jayashree Bose - Feng shui, bazi and yijing consultant and writer

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Interesting Facts About Sushi Rice

For the Japanese, sushi implies vinegared rice typically topped with meats, fish and vegetables. Outside Japan, sushi is more often mistaken as "raw fish" or "raw seafood."

In Japan, they call sliced raw fish, sashimi. It is different from sushi because sashimi implies purely on the raw fish part. In Archaic grammar, "sushi" literally means "it's sour."

There are several types of sushi. The Nigirizushi sushi consists of toppings laid with "hand-formed" rice clumps. Aside from topping it with vinegared rice, it is also dabbed with wasabi and a bite-size, thin slice of fish, egg or various other seafoods.

Although the egg is cooked, the seafood and fish can be served raw. The types of fish you can use are salmon, tuna, mackerel and eel.

When eating Nigirizushi, make sure that the rice side is not dipped into the soy sauce. The fish side should be the one dipped or it will fall apart. You can do this alternately, not dipping it completely in soy sauce.

Makizushi is a type of sushi rolled inside some "nori," a pressed and dried layered sheets of alga or seaweed. It can contain vegetables, fish, seaweed and rice. These are rolled into a cylindrical form with the aid of a bamboo mat or makisu. Afterwards, it is cut into suitable widths. Futomaki refers to the thicker rolls. Hosomaki refers to the thinner rools. Uramaki refers to the "inside-out" rolls.

Inarizushi has toppings stuffed inside a tiny pouch of fried tofu. This is more uncommon compared to Chirashi-zushi. You still need to go to a sushi restaurant in Japan to order this type of sushi. Chirashi-zushi has toppings scattered and served over a sushi rice bowl. This is not regularly served in Japanese restaurants outside of Japan. The toppings are either raw seafood or sashimi.

Temaki Sushi is also called the hand roll. It is almost the same as maki except for the part where you roll it into a cylinder and slice it. With Temaki Sushi, you roll it with your hands and form cone shapes. Then, it is eaten as is, not sliced.

In any sushi, the common denominator is always sushi rice. They only vary on toppings, condiments, fillings and the procedure these ingredients are placed together. These ingredients can also be collected using contemporary or traditional ways, making distinct results.

Sushi is not only a favorite dish in Japan. It is well-loved in other countries also.

If you want to learn how to make sushi rice, it is easy. First, you need a sushi vinegar called sushi-zu. Mix it with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves. Stir frequently in the process. Afterwards, let the mixture cool to room temperature. This mixture is called tezu.

Using either a spatula or just a regular spoon, cut and fold the rice as gentle as possible. Avoid smashing the rice grains.

Get a bowl and moisten the sides with tezu. It is ideal to use a wooden bowl because it absorbs moisture. If none is available, any bowl is fine with a flat bottom.

Place the rice in the bowl and add a quarter of sushi vinegar. Mix them together, making sure you follow a folding motion to avoid smashing the rice. Afterwards, fan to dry the mixture for about 5 to 6 minutes. This process will remove the excess moisture and will make the rice look glossy and shiny.

As a tip, a good sushi rice is somewhat chewy in the mouth, and sticky to your touch.

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Religious Faith Or Religious Facts

If you're a religious follower and believe in your religion, I would like to ask you a question. Do you base religious beliefs on facts or faith? Let's start out with this and assume that you answered, that you do base your religious beliefs on faith, with little factual information to back it up.

Basing your religious beliefs on faith alone can lead you to believe, what ever someone else tells you. For example, if you go to your place of worship and the religious leader reads something from your scriptures to the followers, do you assume that this is a fact. Are you going to do a little research if something doesn't sound right. If everyone else shares a common opinion about something in your religion, but it isn't true, wouldn't you like to know about it or are you one of those people who didn't even listen and really doesn't even want to be at your place of worship.

Faith can create a lot of problems all by itself. Whenever you start digging into most religions, like I have, and mind you, I'm no expert and do not claim to be an expert in religious beliefs. I'm trying to get people to learn about their religion. This information can be obtained from your religious scriptures, books on other religions, information on the Internet and last but not least talking to other people, outside and within your religion.

Religious facts are hard to come by, when you're beliefs are unrealistic. I can't explain the creation of the world or what year it will be destroyed, but it does seem a little unrealistic and hard to believe that a superior entity created this world and possibly the universe. At the same time I cannot argue with this or disprove it.

With this in mind, I wouldn't go around telling everyone that God or a God created the universe. I just don't have any proof and it's as simple as that. Why would I want to instill this belief into my children or another person? No one on earth has this information.

Try not to base your life on religious faith alone. Just the simple fact that you are reading this article, tells me that you have an interest in furthering your education about religion, whether it's yours or someone else's. You might not be able to find all of the facts to support your religious beliefs but at least it's a start and you're heading in the right direction.

You are free to copy this article to your site as long as you include the following resource information with an active link to my site:

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Greg is currently working on a self help library filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion

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Vedic Deities and Their Connection With Semitic Deities

One of the most interesting and impressive of Vedic deities is VaruGa, often invoked with a more shadowy double called Mitra. No myths or exploits are related of him but he is the omnipotent and omniscient upholder of moral and physical law. He established earth and sky: he set the sun in heaven and ordained the movements of the moon and stars: the wind is his breath and by his law the heavens and earth are kept apart. He perceives all that exists in heaven and earth or beyond, nor could a man escape him though he fled beyond the sky. The winkings of men's eyes are all numbered by him: he knows all that man does or thinks.

Sin is the infringement of his ordinances and he binds sinners in fetters. Hence they pray to him for release from sin and he is gracious to the penitent. Whereas the other deities are mainly asked to bestow material boons, the hymns addressed to VaruGa contain petitions for forgiveness. He dwells in heaven in a golden mansion. His throne is great and lofty with a thousand columns and his abode has a thousand doors. From it he looks down on the doings of men and the all-seeing sun comes to his courts to report.

There is much in these descriptions which is unlike the attributes ascribed to any other member of the Vedic pantheon. No proof of foreign influence is forthcoming, but the opinion of some scholars that the figure of VaruGa somehow reflects Semitic ideas is plausible. It has been suggested that he was originally a lunar deity, which explains his association with Mitra (the Persian Mithra) who was a sun god, and that the group of deities called dityas and including Mitra and VaruGa were the sun, moon and the five planets known to the ancients.

Yet VaruGa is not the centre of a monotheistic religion any more than Indra, and in later times he becomes a water god of no marked importance. The Aryans and Semites, while both dissatisfied with polytheism and seeking the one among the many, moved along different paths and did not reach exactly the same goal.

To learn more about Hinduism and Hindu beliefs, practices, rituals and theology; visit my new site. There you will find many free articles

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Questioning Old Testament Stories From The Bible

Powerful Media Influence

Interview with George B. Wallace, author of "Oh! God? Is That You? I Have A Question"

Chatting with us today is George Wallace, all the way from Hawaii. George recently published a controversial book that is sure to create headlines. Welcome to Reader Views, George.

Irene: Tell us the gist of your book Oh! God? Is that you? I Have a Question.

George: God is not human. Humans might say this. They do not believe this. Nearly everything they do and say and symbolize indicates that they do not believe this. This idea of a nonhuman God changes everything.

Irene: Please clarify you are saying that God is not human and people say He is not, and dont believe He is not. Are you meaning to say that people say that God is human? Im not quite following your answer above because it doesnt make sense of what you say later.

George: Simply, actions speak louder than words. Pay attention to what people do, and not what they say. In other words, watch the hands. People will agree, if not directly say, that God is not human. People will agree that He is beyond human. People will agree that He is not, cannot, be human. That He is beyond human comprehension. That is OK so far as it goes. They do not believe this in their bones.

Take a look in the materials provided to children in the indoctrination classes. Look at the picture books. Look at the pictures in books for older kids and even adults. Look at the walls in instructional areas and chapels at icons, paintings, and sculptures. Start with the Sistine Chapel ceiling. How is God portrayed?

Plus, there is the backup use of the cop out plea. Jesus was human. We can show you God as human because Jesus was human. Begin with the Nicene Creed, the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. If Jesus, Christ is God, how is he pictured? The last time I checked, this fine example of middle-eastern Semitic Hebrew manhood is often portrayed as a northern narrow faced European, fair skinned, sometimes with blue eyes and wavy red brown hair.

Irene: What inspired you to write this book?

George: The Ah Ha! moment when I suddenly realized the effects on humans of a God that was not human. Our words say one thing and all our symbols say another. This is a really mixed message. This realization continued to expand as with a layering of shells. One concept led to another, and soon I knew that I had to write in an attempt to keep things clear for my own mind. The book grew out of that writing.

Irene: Your book is challenging some belief systems. Tell us about some of the controversy that is around your writing.

George: The very idea that God is not human is quite controversial enough. The last few days of rioting in the Muslim world illustrate just how emotionally attached to such basic bed rock concepts we humans can be. Even if those concepts are irrational. The happy, fuzzy, warm idea that God is human is a fairy tale. This fairy tale is very comforting to most human beings that believe in a monotheistic God. To take it away outrages many.
Most are unwilling to even consider it. It rattles their bedrock of faith like an earthquake.

Irene: It is my understanding that its only some religions that believe in a human God. I also understand that some Christian religions believe that God and Jesus are the same. Would you please clarify this for us.

George: I did not research to discover the number and names of religions that believe in a human God. I think that in terms of numbers of believers, Christianity and Islam are about equal in numbers. Each of these is about equal in size to Hinduism, and Buddhism. In theory Christianity, Islam, the Hebrews, and possibly a few other splinter groups all worship the same God. Each exhibits different variants in this process. I am not an expert in how each of these religions shows God. Or, even if they try.

As to some Christian religions believe that God and Jesus are the same that was the argument in about 300 AD, which led Emperor Constantine to force the religious issue for political considerations (reduction of civil strife) and which brought about the Nicene Creed, the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In my book, I left that question a bit unclear. I said that Jesus returned to God. I am unclear in my own thinking as to
Whether or not Jesus and God are the same. I simply believe that Jesus is now a part of God. Does that mean that they are the same? Can you split an eyelash finer than that?

My work was to briefly look at religions that did not think of God as human. It was the thought process that fascinated me as it is the thought process from which values for living and relating to other people are derived. I was not, and am not particularly interested in all of the perverse methods that people have found to mistreat each other over the thousands of years of human culture. I was interested in exploring basic issues. Questions like: Why would God create anything? What could possibly be the motivations that would move God to do anything? In the possible God-human relationship, where does Man really fit?

Irene: Why do you believe that many of the people are disbelieving what you write?

George: While we are early in our gathering of responses, those responses are definitely mixed.

Irene: Yes, I can image they are mixed at this point. I would image you would get different responses from different belief systems for example the Buddhists who dont believe in a God would have a different reaction than a Christian, lets say a Catholic, would. What are some of the responses you have been getting.

George: My readings about Buddhism are less clear than your statement that they do not believe in a God. There is their eternal search for enlightenment. Is enlightenment just another word for God? Ive met a few practicing Buddhists that have said to me that they pray to Buddha. Might this not reflect a drift in their belief about the nature of God?
Possibly it is a lack of clarity?

The last person to say to me that he was a Buddhist, also said that he wished that he had had my book years ago to give to his son. The implication to me was that his son was struggling with the concept of God.

Whenever dealing with the word Christian I tend to want to ask a lot of qualifying questions. What brand of Christianity? Catholic? Greek Orthodox? Russian Orthodox? Ethiopian Gnostic? Protestant? Main Stream? Sect? Who is your leader? Do you bite snakes? Do you speak "in tongues"? I have attended church services in about twelve different Christian denominations. At the moment, I have three books in the hands of friends. I await their written responses.

Irene: One of the points you cover is the effectiveness of prayer. Please give our reading audience your opinion on prayer.

George: The concept of God answering any prayer, or making some change in the real world based on the request of any human, is ridiculous. The value of prayer is entirely internal to and for the individual. God has a Plan. It is His Plan. We are a very small part of that Plan. Our limited purpose is to provide God with information. If He goes fiddling with the parameters of His Plan in the middle of the process, He gets incomplete or
inaccurate information. He would not do that because humans are simply not that
important to Him.

Irene: Why do people believe the opposite?

George: Because it is easier and much more comfortable to believe otherwise. They lie to themselves. It is a self perpetuating falsehood. Few persons ever truly want to accept reality and responsibility to and for themselves. It is so much easier to give responsibility to someone else. Especially someone powerful, like "God". God will take care me.
Whatever He says, goes. God wants it. God did it (to me). This is not quite sane.
It is quite similar to believing in a large invisible furry rabbit with magical powers as a personal friend and companion.

Irene: You have been referred to as an anti-Christ and demon infidel. Those are some pretty strong accusations. What does this do to you?

George: It generally makes me laugh. That any humans act so, and say such drivel, tells me that we humans are not so far removed from the apes as we would like to think.

Irene: Do you think their accusations could be coming from their own fears? And why?

George: I really, really want to say simply, yes. Because they are afraid. Afraid that they are wrong. That they have made a mistake. That they have bet on the wrong horse. I have a lifetime of study and experience in dealing with all ages of people from classrooms to boardrooms. This tells me that the louder the message, the more circumspection and suspicion is required. The loudest are the least secure. The most vociferous are the least secure. The most profane are the least secure. Most such
Are torn by internal strife, and are closest to a shattering of belief. They know this instinctively to be true of themselves. This is particularly true as shown in their personal actions. This is especially true when their personal self-interest is involved.

Irene: What is your personal image and belief around God?

George: God is a timeless eternal immaterial intelligence who questioned Himself and in that process created the Universe and initiated life for His own purposes. He needs to have done this only once. That humans existence is an accidental, random chance result. A result that derived from the evolutionary process of developing life. Life which follows the rules that God first established for the Universe. However, we are here, and God is perfectly willing to use us to further His purpose. What happens to us individually, or as a race, is not particularly important to anyone but us, and certainly not God.

Irene: How does that differ from the masses?

George: As a first estimate, I'd say that it is totally at odds with the beliefs of the masses. Most people refuse to believe that God did not plan everything around the human race. They believe that we are special, in Gods favor, and that God is there for us. Many insist that God created the Universe the way that they say He did. In other words, telling God how to do His job. Why do they do this? Because a document written by humans
said so.

Irene: What do you believe is Gods purpose for Himself?

George: In my book, I say that for God to have decided to make any change in the Perfection that was Himself, He had to Doubt Himself. God had to ask, Am I Perfect? All else came after that first question. Creation of the Universe. Creation of life. And so on. Gods Purpose is to seek Perfection.

Irene: You say that what happens to us individually, or as a race, is not important to God. How important is it to ourselves to improve and live a fulfilled life?

George: That question is the ultimate question that every human must eventually answer for himself, unless he / she dies first. Very large numbers of humans never face this question. They are too young and still gripped by their internal belief in their own immortality when they die. Unfortunately, I fear that the activity we so easily call war is our own unrecognized genetic programming that could have as a purpose to force a confrontation with this very question of life fulfillment. It functions as a built in safety valve. Face death. Face it squarely. You will ask different questions. You will have different answers. You will act differently.

Irene: In your book you say if a soul is banished to Hell that Burned souls would give God indigestion. Thats a pretty strong statement against the belief of some. What do you base your belief on?

George: I believe God uses us to gather information for His Purpose. He therefore uses all humans to do this. God wants the souls of all humans. All of them then go to God. God does not need to keep some souls in a freezer for later use like leftovers in a plastic dish. Similarly, He has no reason to burn some souls. God has no need to "punish" some souls, nor burn some souls. God has no need of overdone human toast. God has no
Need of Hell. Hell is a human construct. Hell is a lie. Hell is a Big Lie, created by human beings with the purpose of seeking control of other human beings. My literary effort of language is an attempt to break through the impenetrable shell most humans have created around their minds and beliefs. It is shock value. Maybe if they are shocked a bit, they will also consider a new idea.

Irene: After Father Leo Booth published When God Becomes a Drug: Breaking the Chains of Religious Addiction & Abuse in 1991 he hired bodyguards to protect him when he went out into the public. He was threatened with the loss of his life. Have you been threatened?

George: Not yet. I expect it to happen any day. As sales start to increase, it is inevitable that some unbalanced mental case will come into possession of my book. Such brain dead defectives are always waiting "out there" to take advantage for themselves that fabulous fifteen minutes of infamy. Luckily Hawaii has a higher level of tolerance than most Holy Book thumping places.

Irene: I would imagine there are many people out there that are outraged with your comments. How do you handle their objection to your beliefs?

George: I tell them that I'm looking forward to a debate with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and that I expect to win. I encourage them to watch when the show finally comes on TV. Other than that, I am on a relatively large island in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet. It reduces exposure to a large continental sized variety of nut cases.

Irene: On the other hand, Im sure you have a huge following from people saying things like its about time something like this was written. How much support do you have?

George: "Huge" is an overstatement. On the other hand, we've just started to seek out responses and sales have barely begun. It takes a while to build a marketing effort. I have had positive responses so far. One friend told me that he wished that he had had this book years ago to give to his son. I really appreciated that. Beyond this, I tried to make it clear in my book that I'm not interested in starting, or leading, a movement, or
A new kind of "church". Religion is too personal to me. I think that religion is a personal and very individual responsibility, best savored largely alone, or with immediate

Irene: Thank you George for taking time from your busy schedule to chat with us. Controversy always creates a wave, and Im sure that once your book hits the crest it will create a flood. Is there anything else that you would like our reading audience to know about you or your book?

George: When I was in the early stages of writing this book, before it became a book, I was first writing for myself. Later I was writing for my children and grandchildren. A lot of me is in the book. It needs to examined as a whole. Think of reading the book as a very thorough interview process of and for a prospective major employee. Most people charged with that responsibility, choosing a high level administrator for their business,
or school, spend more time at that job than they spend thinking about and choosing their religion. Than choosing their belief system. That seems to me to be an misapplication of effort.

Irene Watson is Managing Editor of Reader Views

You Shouldn't Believe Everything In The Bible - Spare The Rod


Friday, July 24, 2009

Dispel Grief With a Positive Bereavement Poem

After a loved one dies, it feels like the world has come to a crashing stop. Grief and mourning can be so intense that you feel like you are sailing through a hurricane and then sinking in a sea of quicksand. A positive, faith and hope filled bereavement poem can help dispel grief and raise your spirits. The dark clouds of grief and loss can leave you and your family as you rise above the waves of fear and walk on the water of solid emotional and spiritual faith.

Loss and mourning are two obstacles to face and endure after a loved one dies. That might be a spouse, child, or family member. Or a close friend or neighbor, someone at church or even a personal role model. For example, when famous actor like Paul Newman died, many people who loved his example of a faithful marriage, his salad dressing, his famous roles movies like The Sting, and his good humor were shocked and numb. Death hits harder when the people are closest to us. Why do sympathy poems help after the death of a loved one?

Bereavement poems are a form of sympathy prayers that remember your loved one's life, with the hope of eternal life that follows. An effective bereavement poem contains several words of condolence and sympathy sayings, and even sympathy prayers.

The key words of a grief poem are expressions of hope. The virtue of hope looks forward to something new, something better in life, a transformation of even life after death. For example, in the Christian religion, disciples of Jesus Christ believe in the resurrection and new life with God that follows death. In many religions, hope is a gift that points toward eternity - a lasting union and friendship with a Supreme Being.

The symbol of hope in the Christian religion is an anchor, that holds a boat steady during a storm. The rope that holds the anchor to a ship during a stormy time of life relies upon being cast into a sea bottom of faith and love. That rope is a life line to hang on to, when the hurricanes of life come blowing through. The fact is that death happens to every person.

A bereavement poem that contains a prayer of hope and words of consolation brings peace to your mind and calm to your heart. All you need to do is to find a simple sympathy poem that is easy to say and includes the names of your deceased loved ones.

Discover a bereavement poem and prayer that you can customize to include the names of your deceased loved ones. Visit today.

Examples of Prayer and Their Effects on Your Life

Wants And Desires In Life

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Just Makes Life A Little Brighter

Just eight letters can mean so much. What eight letters am I talking about U I O E V Y O L, now you say that doesnt make any sense, so lets move them around a little, I Love You. Three little words that can mean so much, and at the same time are often said without much thought. To some it can only be related to the physical act of love.

In todays culture a lot of what is called love is just the physical act. This is not love it is merely physical, but is often confused with the emotion of love. The truth is that true love is emotion pure and simple. Does that mean love cant be physical, absolutely not the physical part of it can be the completion of love. That is the way it should be, the physical act should be a fulfillment of love, not an end unto itself.

We have the other form of love such as a mothers love for her child and visa versa. This love is a bond that lasts forever. Im in my sixties and yet my mom still worries about her little boy. This feeling goes both ways, yet Im sure a mothers love is stronger than that of her siblings.

Sometimes the person saying, I love you is doing so just because they know thats what the other wants to hear. In that case a disservice has been done and it really affects both. The one who says it knows he/she isnt being honest and the one hearing it has a false hope. In the end they both lose.

Maybe if we applied a honest look at the world we would discover the main reason for all the turmoil is because we as humans have forgotten how to love. A lot of our actions bear this out, we have road rage, warfare, politics and a thousand other things that we get caught up in and its always the same. We have to win. Well when its all said and done, just what have we won. Its been said that he who dies with the most toys wins. What does he win hes still dead? Maybe someone who doesnt have many toys but lives longer with a partner that he loves, and who loves him is really the winner. It would appear to me that all the toys in the world arent going to bring much real happiness if there is no love. Now if you love what you are doing and also make a lot of money at it that would be one thing. If youre just doing it for the money then your goal is just material things. To some people material things are everything, but what happens when you either get everything or you cant get something you think you want. There is always that person who is right behind you out to get more than you have, so the race is on and never finished.

I have known many wealthy people and some enjoy life, but so many are so busy making sure that nobody is getting ahead of them or out doing them that they never take any real time out to smell the roses. They also have a tendency to only associate with people who can benefit them in business or is in the proper group. They couldnt even imagine having a friend just because they liked him. I guess in some ways you cant blame them because they have to be cautious because someone is always trying to use them also.

Now having put those on the tables so to speak, how about the real emotion of love.

The American Heritage dictionary has many explanations for it. Among them are:

1. To have a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward (a person).
2. To have a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward (a person).
3. To have an intense emotional attachment to.

All of these listed are the emotion of love. If you really love someone and tell him or her so, and if you hear the same back from them, admit it you heart skips a beat. Your outlook on life just got a little brighter. Those three little words, eight letters, can make your whole day. Without love we just exist. Some say money makes the world go round, but it wouldnt be much of a world without love.

I think I prefer a life of unconditional love, with someone who loves me the same way. To me that makes the love for material things pale by comparison. Maybe you just have to reach a point in life where you decide that material things really dont matter. As long as you have a place to sleep and food to eat, and someone to love that is the real meaning of life. As long as you can say and mean it with all your heart I Love You then you have the essence of life. This of course is just one mans opinion.


Charlie Phillips has been in construction, and has done everything from labor, carpenter, heavy equipment operator and contractor. Owned and operated of his own truck over forty-eight states and three provinces in Canada. He never attempted much writing until he came across a little tool called spell checker. There are no titles after his name, just a lot of life experiences. Website:

Do You Read The Bible Regularly

Healing With Your Mind

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Real Meaning of Easter and Springtime

In nature and inside ourselves are energy patterns and dynamics that activate. Humanity evolved over a million years or more responding to the seasons of the year. Thus we have built into our genes, our psyches, a natural energy rhythm that we would do well to acknowledge and not avoid.

- finding Easter Eggs in an Easter egg hunt

- going to Easter Sunday church service when you don't go other times of the year

- getting in a car accident you never intended to happen, or did you?

- starting a love affair, whether married or not

- buying new clothes for yourself to go into summer with

- marrying the wrong person, and so later you have to get a divorce

- wanting to take a week's vacation instead of work at your job

- reading the latest mystery novels just out this year at this time

- going into nature with your friends and doing at least a walk there

- feeling depressed because you have nobody to love


What does the above list have in common?

- Why must you watch out for its effects?

- Why do certain celebrations occur traditionally at this transition from winter into springtime that is the 21st of March and the month of April?

In Jungian terms the archetype of Death-Rebirth becomes most active at springtime.

Death-Rebirth? What is that?

In nature and inside ourselves are energy patterns and dynamics that activate. Humanity evolved over a million years or more responding to the seasons of the year. Thus we have built into our genes, our psyches, a natural energy rhythm that we would do well to acknowledge and not avoid.

For what is not faced consciously in our awareness gets acted out anyway unconsciously.

Why do Norwegians every springtime take a week or more vacation at their summer cottages by the sea or in the mountains?

It's a wonderful thing to do. After the long Northern winter of more darkness than light, of more cold than warmth, the Norwegians are used to the seasonal shifts.

The spring equinox is the transition point when the hours of night equal the hours of day. We can imagine the long winter nights of the Northern countries, such as Norway. When spring finally arrives a sense of happiness comes with it, or so we think.

What about the dark side, the people who commit suicide when the spring comes, the people who have accidents?

One strange custom that has developed in Norway is that Norwegians when they go in the spring to their cottages also take along this year's published thrillers and mysteries. This type of genre is all about being killed and finding the killer. Why should a strong people who have just survived the winter then want to read fiction about death?

Well, don't think everything is just fine in the springtime. Norway has other forms of death for you, like quicksand in the forest because the ground is no longer frozen. Or how about you are hiking up the big mountain in Norway and suddenly the ground under you on the path just collapses into running water and mud and you are swept off the mountain to your death?

Yes, things like this happen every year in Norway. Several deaths occur to hikers in the Norway mountains when the springtime is arriving. Death is not over. Springtime is also the time they find the thawed-out bodies of those Norwegians who have chosen to commit suicide in the past winter by going into the forest and sitting under a favorite tree and freezing to death.

Deaths like this are no stranger to the Norway clime.

What is going on?

Since Death-Rebirth is the archetype of springtime this means that one must experience death first and then rebirth, then new life. The religion knows this with its Black Friday and then its Easter Sunrise service.

You don't have to go to an actual church service to feel the effects of Death-Rebirth. But the archetype is there.

Part of the monastic service is to have a midnight service and the lighting of the new pascal candle which has nails in it representing the crucifixion.

Thus built into our psychology is the recognition that we have to acknowledge our suffering and hurt and go through a letting go process to release ourselves into new birth.

The beauty of doing a sunrise experience is that you experience in nature Death-Rebirth, and this experience becomes a conscious part of you for as long as you live.

I went with some friends years ago and drove to the top of the local mountain, Mt. Diablo, in Northern California. There in the darkness we waiting all night looking out over the near and distant cities that kept their street lights on, the energy of humanity. We talked. We meditated. We knew the significance for us in our own lives of the Death-Rebirth experiences we were going through. Finally from the stone-walled walkway we saw the dawn breaking in the far distance. We had stayed up all night in our vigil and sharing together.

Here was our reward: the new dawn to a special day of rebirth. It is never to be forgotten.

Of course, the important level is to also take such things inside.

As a dreamwork psychologist, I wanted to figure our why when I lived and taught in Norway that the Norwegians read the new mystery novels at springtime. They did not know consciously themselves. It was a fad that most of them did.

Could it be that the Norwegians had waited out the long winter cold and at last when they did not have to be so strong any longer they could indulge in reading about surviving death?

What is the essence of these death-defying thrillers if not to catch the murderer before he or she catches you.

We all know we are under sentence of death but with indefinite reprieve, as Victor Hugo, the French writer, put it, but we don't know when our death will come. Will it be this year or the next, or after that? But it will come.

It's great in reading a thriller to realize that though there are deaths in the story, none of those victims are you. You are alive one more year, or so you hope.

Thus for me in the Norway sun and rains, and the new leaves on the branches of the trees, I felt a certain sadness. I was so glad to be alive still another year, and always planned to make good use of my "luck." But I also knew that one of these years the spring would come and I would not be there to marvel in its new life. The very wooden Norway house I lived in could have been built by those no longer alive. I lived in a dead man's house. And if not the house being there after me, at least the other houses of our community in the country of Norway, beloved land of all the seasons, would surely outlive me.

Whether by the sea in spring in California, or high atop the mountain elsewhere, it is a time to go adventuring and meditate on all your life is now.

What must you lose and give up? What must you sacrifice so you don't have to sacrifice life itself, even gruesomely as recounted here?

Better to realize the death part of your life now, the letting go of what can never more be. This is the base, the preparation to look forward to, and to experience through choice the new life you will dedicate yourself to with passion and awareness, as you live further your existence purposefully on this earth.

View Drs Kaplan-Williams' extraordinary blog at:

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3 Strategies For Home Remodeling Projects in a Tough Economy

No matter what the economic conditions we're currently facing, investing in a home remodeling project can be a much more affordable option than trying to move to a more modern home. When you consider the costs, time and "hassle factor" that comes with moving to a new home, many homeowners are opting for home renovation instead. The good thing is that home renovations done now will also give a boost to your home's value when you're ready to sell down the road. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide whether or not a home upgrade is right for you and your family.

Understand Why You're Remodeling Your Home

There are several reasons you may be remodeling your home. You may decide to remodel your home to make it more marketable and easier to sell. Or you may find that it's become outdated and that you need more space, more modern features or amenities. These are all good reasons to invest in a home remodeling project. However, whatever your reasons, you want to be sure that you're clear on what your intended goals are since those goals will drive some of the decisions you'll need to make down the road.

Choose a Project that Offers a High Return On Investment

Some of the projects you may have in mind for your home remodeling might appear to be a good value to you, but you also have to keep in mind how others will view those additions or upgrades and whether or not you'll get a good return on your money. Some of the factors that influence this are the perceived value of the upgrade and the cost of the upgrade. A few renovations projects that have proven to have a high return on investment include kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, and painting (interior or exterior). Other projects that offer a good return include roof replacement, adding a recreation room, upgrading flooring, replacing windows, or upgrading your heating or air conditioning system. Keep these in mind as you decide how to invest your limited resources in your home renovation project.

Keep Energy Savings in Mind

One practical consideration these days that you should keep in mind is the energy savings that result from your home renovation project. Upgrades that reduce the operating costs of your home can be a great investment, both when it comes time to sell and as you continue to live in your home in the meantime. Some proven money-savers include upgrades like energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners and appliances, improved insulation, energy efficient windows, and low flow toilets (among others).

If you're a Maryland resident and want to learn more about how you can invest in a premium home remodeling service at an affordable price, we invite you to visit our website at Glenn Construction is a full service Maryland home improvement contractor offering a wide range of home remodeling services including Maryland drywall repair and painting services. Visit us today to find out more.

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False Prophet Are Biblical Facts- Movie Video

Can you believe this guy, if you look up these verses in the Bible, you will see that there and there, but how did he come up with these ideas about the Sabbath, teenagers and the fact that the Bible is repulsive.

If you're really seeking the kingdom of heaven, the glory of God and the true vision that Jesus had, check out some great Christian articles . These articles are designed to teach and educate Christians.

You Have Got To Read This Book
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Energy Trends For the Future

When it comes to energy efficiency, money is definitely the name of the game. This factor is what makes energy efficiency and maintenance efforts pay off. Information about costs is an important part of reporting accomplishments to other people. When you are able to track costs, it reveals pricing trends and helps with cost projections necessary to prepare budgets.

These current and projected future prices of energy are then used as the basis for determining whether potential energy efficiency policies will be cost effective. To give everyone in your organization a complete picture of the need for energy investment, any dollar savings figures you use should include actual costs, as well as avoided ones. You will also want to give management some information about what the dollars saved could be used for, such as buying or updating equipment, adding more services, etc.

Benefits to the Environment

Better energy efficiency is a cost-effective way to lower emission rates generated from burning fossil fuels. This added benefit should be very clearly pointed out in your energy management program. You may determine that it is worthwhile for your organization to track the lower level of emissions achieved when energy conservation practices are improved. When management is supportive of using energy resources more efficiently, they are probably very environmentally conscious. Your efforts to increase energy efficiency will likely gain even more support if they can be documented and shared with others in your organization (and possibly the public).

Standard procedures for calculating lowered emissions levels for specific fuels are becoming more available. Contact the Environmental Protection Agency, your state energy or environmental office, or your utility to learn more about making these types of calculations.

Matthew Shields

Energy Expert

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DIY Solar Power - Getting Started the Cheapest Way

Over the past two decades, solar panels have enjoyed widespread use and many more homes are beginning to realize the huge cost savings associated with the sun's renewable energy source.

Most people still think that solar energy is something only the rich can afford for their renewable energy supply. This may have been true 15 years ago but certainly not with today's savvy do it yourself (DIY) society.

Here's how you can build your own solar panels without having to spend thousands of dollars on installation charges and expensive equipment all the while saving yourself up to 80% on your electricity bill.

  • You'll need a cheap solar panel (find it on eBay)
  • You'll need a battery and battery holder
  • You'll need a DC input and/or an AC inverter

The trick you need to learn is how to put it all together and how to connect numerous solar panels together. For the majority of homes, more than one solar panel is required.

Each solar cell produces a small amount of electricity but when combined together, they can generate enough electricity for most household needs. Before starting, you should check that you have the right tools for the job such as a soldering gun, spanner and a screwdriver.

The easiest way to get started to producing your own solar energy is to follow a simple plan. Earth4Energy is such a plan which shows you how to find all of the above mentioned parts for less than $200! With this inexpensive guide, you can get the job done quicker and you'll also be able to build wind turbines for additional renewable energy sources around the home too. Either way, this guide shows you everything you need to know to be able to generate enough power for your entire home and can have your own solar energy generators installed within a couple of days.

For more tips on how to harness the power of the sun and reviews of the best do it yourself solar power kits, please visit the web site, DIY Solar Power Now.

Solar energy is just one of many renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels. Help save our environment by converting your home to solar energy little by little.

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Three Seperate Gods Video

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Hotels, Motels Green Bathroom Remodeling Nationwide

Hotels/motels that remodel their bathrooms by going green are following the hotel industry's move towards environmental sustainability. Hotels/Motels therefore, have understood that going green means replacing fixtures with water or energy saving appliances. What many hotels and motels owners are beginning to learn is that going green in their bathroom remodeling project, includes refinishing, recycling and the use of recycled materials.

Hotels/Motels green remodeling has other benefits or advantages apart from saving money. Investors that are looking to buy a chain of hotels or motels or even those looking to buy a single hotel or motel are definitely looking to buy ones that have efficient fixtures and appliances installed in their bathrooms.

Hotels and Motels use of resources

Hotels and motels are in general bigger than average buildings and the use a lot of resources. It takes a lot of resources to build hotels and an equally bigger and constant resources to maintain - heating and cooling, use of lots of water. No hotels can function without water. Hotels need water for laundry, for showering in the bathrooms, flushing the toilets, washing your hands, and then dishwashing. That is why any hotel that considers bathroom remodeling, thinks about green bathroom remodeling and it's advantage of saving water.

Additionally, the hotel industry use a lot of energy. The annual energy bill for the hospitality industry is $3.7 billion a year on energy. Energy savings alone is driving a lot of hotels to green bathroom remodeling. They see the benefits and embrace the advantages of water and energy savings they get from when their bathrooms are remodeled for green living.

Hotels see green in green bathroom remodeling. Whether the owners of hotels or motels believe that the civilities of their hotels have an impact on the environment or not, they see "green" the money savings in water and energy resources.

Green bathroom remodeling save hotels and motels money:

Replace showerheads to save water bills:
During a tight economy, those hotels that are remodeling in order to sell their hotels or add value to their property are discovering that a very inexpensive way to save water in their hotels bathrooms is to replace their shower heads with water saving ones. The performance of a good water head should be the same as a normal shower head. Cheap one dribble water which defeats the whole purpose of water savings.

Replace older toilets with water saving toilets:
There have been a lot of advancement in the choice of toilets that save water. You can choose a pressurized toilet which fits well over where your old toilet sits. Pressurized toilets cost more than their standard counterpart and some people claim that they give some problems. On the other hand, dual flush toilets which are popular in Europe are showing up in more and more hotels bathrooms that are using green remodeling to water in their total bathroom remodeling project. It estimated that in one year, a dual flush toilet will save a family where four people are using the bathroom about 15000 gallons of water.

Hotels bathtub refinishing/tub re-glazing and sink refinishing saves money and the environment:

There are plenty of hotels, retirement homes, nursing homes or bed and breakfast inns that have antique claw foot bathtubs in their bathrooms. Refinishing these antique claw foot bathtubs preserve their beauty, saves hotels plenty of money and benefit's the environment. Sink refinishing saves the landfills and puts some "green" in the pockets of hotel owners. Bathtub refinishing saves bathtubs from going into the landfills while saving hotels over 80% over the cost of replacement. And when hotels add our volume discount, the savings are even bigger. Green bathtub refinishing is green in your bank account.

Hotels green bathroom remodeling uses recycled materials

Just like you find recycled materials that can be used when you remodel other rooms in other parts of the hotel, there are also building materials that are made of recycled materials tile; vanities and flooring. Hotels that use recycled fixtures save money and conserve natural resources.

Not every bathtub refinishing company or even every green bathroom remodeling company or business understands the import of our activities on our environment.

Not many know the fixtures, processes, and proper installation procedures that will save you money, time and the environment.

Wilson Ukah, owns Refinishing Stars, a bathtub refinishing company serving homeowners in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville. Refinishing Stars, refinishes bathtubs, sinks, and countertops for hotels and motels nationwide. Wilson can be reached at or

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What Does the Word Soul Mean

What is soul, is it someone dancing around to some great music or is it something inside of us, find out what two people think about the word soul.

Question Your Religion

You are free to copy this article to your site as long as you include the following resource information with an active link to my site:

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development.

Greg is currently working on a religious help library filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion.

What Is Intuition
Judging Your Childrens Partners

Wind Power Energy

In my opinion, wind energy is one of the best energy alternatives in out planet. Why? Otherwise the traditional energy resources such as oil and gas that are going to be depleted in the near future, wind is a renewable energy that can't be depleted.

Wind is also can be used in all areas and places in all over the world, even in shinny countries and areas, wind still can be used to generate electricity. But of course, wind is great for cloudy countries. I'd strongly recommend people who live in cloudy countries and areas to use wind energy for their home electricity

If you want a nice tip today, I have a one for you. Why don't you build your own wind generator to create electricity at home to be able to reduce your electricity bill and save money? Did you think about that thing before? Do you know how much money you're going to save by using wind generators systems for your home electricity?

Fortunately, there are great guides on the internet that can easily teach you how to build your own wind power system in very short time. And fortunately again, the all installation tools can be found in your hardware store. And all these tools will be very cheap when you buy them.

So, why you're still paying for electricity? Why you just build your own electricity and save $1000s every year? It is very nice step to convert your home today and start saving your money while effectively saving the environment.

Learn how to build your own wind power in one hour, step by step guide:

You can also build a solar panel:

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Insight on Mary Magdalene - Movie Video

This video has more information on Mary Magdalene, great video on advanced spiritual thinking.

If you're really seeking the kingdom of heaven, the glory of God and the true vision that Jesus had, check out some great Christian articles . These articles are designed to teach and educate Christians.

Prosperity Thinking Like The Rich
Problems With Catholicism

Eco Friendly Houses - What Is A Green Building?

What is a green building and why should you care? Why are people building efficient green homes? What is the number one reason for the increased demand for eco friendly houses? The answers may surprise you!

What is a Green Building? A green building (the noun) is a building that has been specifically designed to save energy, promote healthy indoor air and have much less impact on the environment.

Green building (the verb) is mainly a construction term used to describe whole house system design and techniques that use eco friendly, or green building, materials and components.

The following terms are pretty much interchangeable when talking about houses: eco friendly houses, eco friendly home, eco home, eco house, green house, green building a house, green home designs, or building efficient green homes.

Here are some great examples of using green materials for the home:

1. recycled glass counter tops - stylish and eco friendly

2. bamboo flooring - grows quickly (sustainable) with durability comparable to hardwood

3. eco friendly furniture - made from sustainable or recycled materials, or certified wood

4. tankless water heaters - water is heated on demand, saving energy

5. low flow shower heads and LED faucets that turn on and off automatically

6. energy saving appliances and light fixtures

7. renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power

Why are people building efficient green homes? Why eco friendly houses? As I mentioned, the answer may surprise you. Most people think the number one reason to "go green" is for the environment or to save energy...but, according to a recent survey done by the folks at Building Green TV and RCLCO, the number one reason people are building eco friendly houses is for health reasons! In fact, a full 42% of those surveyed replied that health was the number one reason to build a green home. Only 17% said they would be motivated by energy savings, and only 12% for the environment!

What do eco friendly houses have to do with health? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the list below contains just some of the things that may be causing your family health problems inside your home:

Radon, Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Biologicals, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Organic Gases, Respirable Particles, Formaldehyde, Pesticides, Asbestos, Lead, and Chlorine.

In fact, the EPA estimates that the pollution levels inside your home could be 3-70 times the outdoor pollution levels in major cities - yuk!

Makes you want to open a window now, doesn't it?

Want to know more about eco friendly houses?

I've just completed my brand new guide, 'Secrets to Creating a Healthy, Eco-Friendly Home'.

download it free here: eco friendly houses

Isabella R. Green is a full time internet publisher, writing articles and ebooks that help people create eco friendly houses.

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The Meaning of Soul Video

What is soul, is it someone dancing around to some great music or is it something inside of us, find out what two people think about the word soul.

Question Your Religion

You are free to copy this article to your site as long as you include the following resource information with an active link to my site:

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development.

Greg is currently working on a religious help library filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion.

Value Of Change In Your Life
A Life Of Spiritual Education

Windmill Power - The Answer to All of the Environmental Problems

With environmental pollution being a major issue these days, people are searching for alternative sources of energy. Among all the alternative sources of energy that are available, wind energy is perhaps the easiest one to tap as well as to use. Windmills are making their presence felt in many parts of the world for this very reason. If you are someone who wants to harness windmill power, then you can also think of building one yourself too. The entire process has become a lot easier these days and one need not be a qualified engineer to build one.

Windmill power comes along with its own set of advantages. For one you need not worry about mounting electricity costs. In fact there have been instances when many households have been able to reduce their electricity bills by as much as 70 percent using windmills. The other advantage with windmill power is that it is a renewable source of energy. You can typically generate enough power to run various different home appliances with windmills. Generally speaking the amount of power that a windmill can generate will depend on the design of the windmill as well as the wind speed in the surrounding area.

If you are someone looking to build your own windmill, then you will first of all need to plan well. The first thing that you need to do is to choose the correct location. The location should be such that there is undisturbed access to winds. Moreover while designing a windmill power system for your home; you should also make sure that it is also compatible with your power company's wires. This connection between the two systems ensures safety and easy changeover from one system to the other.

You can find all that you wanted to know about windmill power at Earth4Energy. You can follow the instructions given in this online guide to build your own windmill.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Way to Replace Windows - No Fluff, Just Facts

I know the best way to replace windows and I will share it with you in this article. However I should mention that what is best to one person may not be to another. So while I advise you to take what I say into consideration - you need to use your own independent thought when choosing an option.

I have been asked hundreds of times about this topic and in most cases my answer changes slightly. The reason is because each person needed a slightly different response due to various conditions. These include, the age of the house, the make of the house, the location - some areas require storm windows and some don't, the budget, the number of years to be spent in the house, the purpose of replacing the windows i.e. to increase the value of the house, energy saving or to fix old windows etc.

I have listed these because I want you to also consider them before making the find decision. As an expert in the field, I could list different ways of doing from applying the window frame with epoxy, removing the sashes and boarding up the window to priming the putty, using fiberglass, wood or vinyl windows and all. But then today I don't want to complicate the process. You asked for the best way to do it and I am going to giving to your straight.

First you need to have your house inspected. You need to ascertain the amount of damage or change that is necessary.

You need to know the type of windows that will work perfectly based on the assessment.

Then you need a quotation for the windows.

You will also need a quotation for installing the windows. I never recommend that you DIY lest you cause it to leak due to wrong installation.

Approve the quotes and get the contractor to draw up a contract, which you must read. It could also just be the quotation - just make sure you understand what it says.

Step aside and let the expert begin.

Review the outcome and if you are happy - pay them and enjoy your new windows.

Click here > best way to replace windows - for more information on this topic.

Click here > find replacement window companies in your area - Free access to a database of pre-screened companies.

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What's so Important about Learning - Zig Ziglar Video

Zig Ziglar explains how the learned will inherit the earth.

Greg is currently working on a self help library filled with great subjects on a wide array of topics, like religion, self help and spiritual changes in the world. His views on religious freedom are slowly changing the way people think about institutional religion.

Discovering Spirit And Sound
Spiritual Journaling

Friday, July 17, 2009

Halogen Lighting - Saving the Environment and Your Sanity

When selecting lighting for the home or office, many consumers today face a dilemma. Should I use fluorescent (including compact fluorescent) bulbs to save energy or should I use incandescent bulbs to save my sanity?

For many, the cold, flickering light produced by fluorescent fixtures is intolerable. Fluorescent lights typically cannot be dimmed and are thus frequently too bright, causing eye strain when working. The light emitted by florescent bulbs is uneven (it's concentrated in peaks and missing in valleys) along the lighting spectrum which mutes and distorts colors. Frankly, many of us find it depressing.

Traditional incandescent bulbs produce rich, full-spectrum light and are easily dimmed. Unfortunately, traditional incandescent bulbs are terribly inefficient. They emit relatively little light per watt of power consumed and they burn out frequently necessitating replacement.

Enter halogen lighting. Halogen lighting offers an excellent compromise for those that won't settle for poor quality light but still want to be environmentally responsible.

Halogen bulbs offer several advantages:

1. Halogen bulbs produce excellent, full-spectrum, crisp, white light. The light is just as easy on the eye as traditional incandescent bulbs, but the light is whiter (less yellow than traditional bulbs) and renders colors accurately.

2. Halogen lamps have a higher efficacy than normal incandescent bulbs. This means that they convert more energy into light and less into heat producing more light per watt than incandescent bulbs. A 60 watt halogen bulb will produce as much light as a traditional 100 watt bulb. Halogen bulbs require effectively 40% less power than standard incandescent options.

3. Halogen bulbs have an average lifespan twice that of traditional incandescent bulbs. This means less hassle to replace them and less space in a landfill.

4. Halogen lights may be dimmed easily and the light they produce is precise and directional. The small filament and precise reflectors used in halogen bulbs make them ideal for confining and controlling their light to specific areas (for example, illuminating your desk but not your computer monitor). This is critical when trying to reduce eye strain in work environments.

5. Finally, halogen bulbs are relatively compact. This allows them to be used in a variety of innovating light fixtures.

Halogen bulbs do have some disadvantages:

1. Halogen bulbs do cost a little more than their established traditional competitors, but they are far less expensive than LED of CF options.

2. Although longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, the lifespan of a halogen bulb is shorter than fluorescents.

3. Halogen bulbs become very hot when operating. Care must be taken not to touch operating lamps.

For larger rooms, consider halogen track lighting as an energy efficient solution to produce abundant quality light. Track systems allow the directional heads to be aimed in any direction which is important considering the precise beam of many halogen bulbs.

Before calculating the 'return on investment' or the 'total cost of ownership' of a proposed energy-efficient lighting solution for your home of office, consider the value of quality light. What value do you place on reduced eye strain? For those that care about their eyes and their sanity, the advantages of halogen lighting will almost certainly make it the choice over other energy-effective alternatives.

John DeLaruse is a lighting expert at the web's largest resource for cable, monorail and track lighting

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