Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 10 Tips to Start Saving Electricity Immediately

Turn off lights which you do not use in the house. For example if you are watching TV in the living room turn off the main lights such as basement light, porch light, bedroom lights etc. Get in a habit of doing this everyday and over time you will save on your monthly utility bill.

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. These bulbs do not look like traditional light bulbs in appearance. They put out different light; they are brighter, use less power and last longer. They are also environmentally friendly.

Turn off you laptop or PC when you leave the house. Get in a habit. Regular do a hard drive clean so you laptop boots up faster and use less energy. This might sound small but over many days, week, years it makes a difference.

Do the washing once a week. Try not to do 2-3 smaller loads as each time you use the washing machine it uses the same power to start it and run it.

This one is big one. Try not to use air-condition in the house. This can triple you utility bill easily. Instead open and air rate the house. Use small fans. I know it tough but air-conditioning in summer sky rockets your bill.

Pickup the phone and call are few other energy providers. Get the best deal and ask them what's the best deal they could give you. Few dollars here few dollars there goes a long way when the bills are due to be paid.

Pay utility bills on time. Better still pay direct debit. Electricity providers love this and offer incentives 5%-10% depending on the provider. You save more money.

Buy energy efficient appliances next you purchase appliances for your home. Ask the retailer how much energy you can save on a particular appliance over a non energy saving appliance such as fridges, washing machine, hair dryers, etc.

Cook fewer meals per week by cooking in bulk. If preparing meals for your family or yourself cook 10 serves of food like spaghetti, bologna or lasagna and freeze them. This cuts down on electricity as well as your time. It takes approx same energy to cook 10 meals one time as apposed to cooking one meal 10 times.

Probably the most obvious tip yet least executed. Use less appliances, use less lights and electricity draining implements that suppose to make are live easier but drain our pockets of money. SAVE SAVE SAVE.

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