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Feng Shui 2009 (Part 1) - Predictions

The year of Ji Chou (Earth Ox) begins on 4th February 2009 and ends on 4th February 2010. The #9 purple star occupies the central position this year. I have used two factors to predict the events of 2009 - the elements in the year of Ji Chou (Earth Ox) and the central star #9 purple star.

Animal birth signs
People born in the chou (ox) year i.e. 4th February 1937 - 4th February 1938, 4th February 1949 - 4th February 1950, 4th February 1961 - 4th February 1962, 4th February 1973 - 4th February 1974, 4th February 1985 - 4th February 1986, 4th February 1997 - 4th February 1998, 4th February 2009 - 4th February 2010 should be careful regarding their decisions and generally lay low this year. This year you will find it difficult to progress and there may be many changes in your life.

If you are born in wei (Goat) year - 4th February 1943 - 4th February 1944, 4th February 1955 - 4th February 1956, 4th February 1967 - 4th February 1968, 4th February 1979 - 4th February 1980, 4th February 1991 - 4th February 1992, 4th February 2003 - 4th February 2004 this year will be a difficult year for you, progress will be slow. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and disputes as you stand to loose more than gain anything. There will be many changes in your life.

If you are born in wei (goat) month (6th July - 7th August) then this year you will run into relationship hassles with your parents. In severe cases you may have a fall out with your parents. In office you could have problems with your superiors or immediate boss.

Other animal signs that need to be careful this year is xu (dog), people born in 4th February 1946 - 4th February 1947, 4th February 1958 - 4th February 1959, 4th February 1970 - 4th February 1971, 4th February 1982 - 4th February 1983, 4th February 1994 - 4th February 1995, and 4th February 2006 - 4th February 2007. You need to be weary of hidden dangers and health issues. Chances are high that you may get into unnecessary fights or arguments with your colleagues, friends or family members. This will be an emotionally turbulent year for you.

If you are born in wu (horse) hour - 11am - 1pm, wei (goat) hour - 1pm - 3pm, xu (dog) hour - 7pm - 9pm, you will face obstacles in your academic pursuits or will not perform up to the mark in your examinations. You will face problems related to career advancement. You will face relationship issues with your children.

If you are born in zi (11pm - 1am), chou (1am - 3am), you (5pm - 7pm), si (9am - 11am) you should do well in your academic pursuits and examinations. You will find it easy to grow career wise.

Please note that the year of birth just represents 25% of the information of your natal chart, for an accurate analysis a complete bazi assessment of your natal chart is required.

Year 2009
The year of Ji Chou (Earth Ox) has earth element in the heaven stem and earth element in the earth element in the earthly branch, with hidden stems of water and metal element. This kind of earth is frozen earth or earth with snow. The image is that of vast open land with snow or frost. It represents hard work, perseverance, stability, stillness and trustworthiness.

Business scenario

This year in the business scenario there will be growth in the earth industry like construction, realty businesses, land and property dealers/ developers, recruitment or human resource agencies and insurance, competition will be on the rise, financial profits will be less.

Businesses that will generate good income this year are clothing and textile industry, publishing houses, timber and wood industry, schools and universities, education industry, paper industry, wooden furniture industry, book stores and food industry.

Businesses that may suffer a setback or generate little or no profits are telecommunication industry, media and broadcasting, internet related businesses, shipping industry, cruise industry, drinks and beverages industry.

This will be a productive year for business dealing in fuel, petroleum or petroleum based products, oil and gas industry, electronics and electrical appliances, restaurants, power industry etc. There will be new products and reforms made in this sector. The growth will be steady.

Metal related industries like banks, currencies, gold, copper, steel, aluminum, silver, heavy machineries may see little or no profits. Metal industry will suffer a setback.

The five elements represent different parts of a human body; earth represents the abdomen, stomach, muscles and cells, spleen. 2009 is a double earth year which means health issues will be pertaining to stomach, muscles and cells area. People will be more prone to health issues related to this area. On the other hand the #9 purple star represents heart and eyes. People will be prone to heart related disorders and eye problems. To sum it up in 2009 there will be a rise in stomach, muscles, heart, eye and cancer related problems.

People born in chou (ox) year - 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009; wei (goat) year- 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003; xu (dog) year 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006 need to be extra careful.

Shares and stock market
The stock market should have a steady growth this year.

Stocks and shares that will perform well are shares related to clothing and textile industry, food and food processing industry, wood and timber industry, bamboo, cane, cotton, publishing industry. Power, fuel, oil and gas related shares and stocks will have a steady growth this year.

Shares and stocks that may under perform or fall are realty, building and construction industry, insurance, stones and gems industry, gold, silver, copper, heavy machinery, banks, telecommunication, import/export, shipping, distillery, travel and tourism, marketing and advertising, aerated drinks, water sports, internet businesses, milk related businesses, bars, communication industry, transport industry and spas.

Global events
The #9 purple star represents fire therefore this year there will be a rise in fire related disasters like volcanoes, fire accidents and bomb blasts. Natural disasters are likely to strike in the northern, western and southeastern part of cities, states, countries and continents. Natural disasters will be related to floods, hurricanes in the northern side, one can expect destruction of properties and crops. The northeastern, southwestern and southeastern areas of cities, states, countries and continents will be prone to earthquakes and earth related disasters.

Terrorist related activities, robberies and armed assaults will be more towards east and southeast areas of cities, states, countries and continents.

A few of the #9 purple star's attributes are growth, future wealth, fast decisions, fiery passions, culture and glamour. In the world political arena you will see decisions being made after much heated debates and arguments. The #9 purple star denotes a middle aged sophisticated lady, ladies will be in the limelight this year and will be a driving force in bringing about changes and reforms in the political scenario. In the corporate world middle management people especially ladies in middle management will outshine others and will receive recognition for their work.

This year new reforms will be made and put in practice in the financial markets to prevent future meltdowns. Discussions, debates and ideas for financial security and management will be held. You can expect dynamic changes and political reforms from cities, states, countries located in the northern and western areas.

There will be a rise in cultural and fashion events. People will be drawn to such events. This year fashion will see new designs and designers. People will be more fashion conscious. Global cultural events will take place.

Jayashree Bose - Feng shui, bazi and yijing consultant and writer

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