Monday, July 13, 2009

Eco-Friendly Renovation Financing

In short Eco-Friendly lending helps helps you discover new ways to reduce your energy consumption and how to finance the transition to a greener lifestyle. With energy prices forever rising and the planet starting to feel years of neglect, it has become ever more important to look for new ways of doing things. What better place to start than your biggest asset, your home? You should explore what renovation projects will help you reduce your energy consumption as well as show you the ins and out of renovation loans and energy efficient mortgage solutions as a way to finance the change.

There are lots of blogs out there for what to do, but we are the only one dedicated to showing you how to pay for it. Let's face it, if you have looked into making your home more eco-friendly in the past then you know that going green isn't cheap. Whether it be solar panels, energy efficient appliances, EnergyStar windows, additional insulation or tankless water heaters, none of them are cheap. Regardless, there are dozens of mortgage programs, tax incentives and purchase credits out there designed to help you pay for your new green home.

Whether you are looking to go completely "off the grid" or just looking for a way to shave some costs off your monthly energy bills, we will provide the solutions and advice you need to make it happen. Along the way we will provide you with other tips you can use when building or renovating your home to help reduce your energy consumption, save yourself some cash and feel good about your contribution to saving the planet.

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