Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Solar DIY Kits and DIY Wind Power

The increase in popularity of the solar DIY kits and wind turbines for homes has brought about a radical change in the way that most people view this technology. For many years, it was ludicrously expensive to install and would take years before you starting to make your initial investment back. There was no such thing as cheap solar panels, but that has all changed. Do it yourself solar panels are not just easy to manufacture in your back yard, but will cost a fraction of the price of the already made models.

Even without any experience in building home solar systems, just about anyone can follow the novice video instructions and build an 80watt panel in their own garage. Just by popping down to the local hardware store, you'll find everything you need. The solar panels cost no more than $200 to manufacture and because you built it, you know how to fix it. A roof solar panel can be used to run a refrigerator, or a television or even a washing machine. At a cost of just a few hundred dollars, you can turn these cheap solar panels into a lucrative income by building them and maintaining them for people you know.

You don't have to stop there, household wind turbines are just as easy to manufacture and at half the cost of a solar panel, you can harvest a breeze into extra power for your home. Wind generators for sale are usually of the marine kind and do an excellent job, but due to the cost involved, they are not often used as wind turbines for homes. The home wind generator can be built in hours and can be a great addition to your alternative energy plan.

With your very own solar wind generator system, you can save money, earn money and in the event that there is a power cut, you don't have to miss that vital sports game. In fact, you can still watch and have a cold beer while the neighbours watch on jealously and all this while doing your bit for the planet.

Stove Smith has lived off grid for a few years on a remote island in Central America and discovered that with the aid of new techology, going green doesn't have to mean going hippy. A tech savvie guy with a passion for saving money and saving the planet. Take a look at how you can cut your bills without spending a fortune and do your bit for the planet while you're at it -

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