Friday, July 17, 2009

Environment Friendly Products

The hottest issue that has captured the attention of everyone across the globe is the issue of Global Warming. After scrutinizing different researches and observations, it has been concluded that the overall temperature of the Earth is rising. Solid scientific findings have turned it from a mere theory to a harsh reality. And the worst part of this is that the bad effects of rising temperatures on eco-systems have already started to appear.

In a global movement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere many initiatives are being taken both at private and government level. Many developed nations in the world have already started producing energy from eco-friendly means like solar, wind and thermal power. All these environment friendly sources of energy are also called green energy or green technology. With the use of green technology, efforts are underway to reduce the utilization of fossil fuels to produce energy. Several 'Green Technologies' like water purification, recycling, sewerage and solid waste treatment and renewable energy are being successfully employed to achieve goals.

Many worldwide and global organizations are working with dedication in order to conserve our environment reduce the effects of Global Warming. But as an individual, you can also contribute by not contributing towards Global Warming. Several environmental organizations are promoting the use of energy saving and eco-friendly products. By choosing these 'Green products' and refusing to use the old products which posed a threat to the atmosphere, each individual can also play a significant role.

Most manufacturing companies have started to produce eco-friendly and Green products for customers in order to become a part of the solution. Eco-Friendly cars also known as 'hybrid cars' are being manufactured on a limited scale to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Similarly many Environment friendly electronics and home appliances are available in the markets which are also affordable. These Green electronics have their power sources in solar and thermal power which is perfectly safe for environment.

Green products like solar chargers and energy saver bulbs not only give better results by using less energy but they are also low-cost. Water saving spout is a great alternative to a normal tap, as it hugely reduces the waste of water. Its thermal censors allow the water to flow only when a human hand is under it and helps save up to 70% of normal water usage. Other green electronics include environmental air and water filters, solar battery chargers, energy saving kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and other home appliances that use less energy.

Each and every individual, irrespective of race and nationality must unite and contribute to reduce Global Warming. Even if we cannot make a big contribution, by ensuring the use of Green products we can at least cease to be a part of the problem. The threat that Global Warming poses is in fact directed towards each and every human and animal living on Earth as without it humans cannot exist. By adopting Green living we can help save the Earth, which is by far the most beautiful place in the whole Universe.

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