Monday, September 7, 2009

How To Write Killer Articles

Here are 5 fantastic tips on how to write killer articles:

1. Create a killer, attention-grabbing headline

Since your title is whats going to attract most people to read your article, you need to work on creating a killer headline. One thatll stand out from the rest and grab the readers attention. Some great pointers when it comes to creating a killer headline include usage of the following phrases - How to, Discover, Attention, Did you know, etc, etc. Titles containing these words have always proved effective, so its a good idea to follow this technique.

2. Write a compelling teaser for your articles

Many webmasters out there usually place the headline and a brief intro of your article on a webpage, together with several other articles. Folks visiting these sites can then pick out an article theyd like to read, and click on the link to read the rest of it. Now your intro, otherwise known as your teaser, should achieve the same effect as your headline.
It needs to be magnetic and lure the reader into reading the rest of your article.

3. Do research to choose a hot topic

First, heres a great free tool you can use to pick out a popular topic to write your article Using this tool, you can easily come up with a list of around 10 hot topics, and then do research on Google to write an article on them.
Another method is hanging out on a couple of sough-after forums. Refer the most visited threads in each of those forums, and check out what all the fuss is about. You can then create a high-quality article based on that info.

4. Make sure your articles are keyword-rich

Its always better if you can incorporate keywords into the articles you write. You need to place that keyword in your headline, in your intro, and youve also got to maintain a keyword density of around 2-3% in your paragraphs.
Reason? Search engines rate your article according to its keyword density. Also, if readers type in the keyword term matching yours, your article is likely to come up in the top 10 results. When they click through to read it, and then visit your website thereafter, youll be generating targeted traffic.

5. Dont forget to include your resource box!

You want to insert your resource box at the bottom of your article, since this is where you can include a URL to your website. Your resource box also gives you the opportunity to advertise yourself and your web site, so make sure you write compelling content!

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