Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't Miss Happiness

The Happy Musings for the Day: Happiness does not come uninvited. It needs to be the guest of honor!

Yep, if you put happiness first, the rest falls into place. That does not mean "pleasure happiness", but true happiness. We are always doing it the other way round - trying to get everything in place in order to be happy. Why miss all that time in the process? "Happiness Now" is the way to go - the happiness that is not dependent on outside circumstances!

I believe happiness does need to be invited into one's life. There is always plenty of room for it. If not, push some other things out of the way to make room. In fact a welcoming committee of all aspects of your being could band together to create a great welcoming party. Then once it shows up, make it the honored guest, so honored that it will never want to leave.

It is almost a life exercise to maintain this state. It seems like it is a state one step above everyday life which goes up and down. Happiness is above the clouds and winds and rains. It is steady and consistent. And it is reassuring to know that we have control over it. It never turns down an invitation. We just have to remember to open the door. I think of all the friends to have, happiness is the best.

A moment without happiness is a moment lost. Don't waste a moment.

"Life is wonderful"
copyright 2008 Sally Huss

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