Monday, September 7, 2009

Secrets of Article Writing - How to Get Indexed

There is actually no magic trick to getting listed by Google within 24 hours. Yes, I know there are plenty of experts and gurus online who claim that it is nearly impossible to do so, but it isn't. Anyone can get listed under one day in Google. Let's say that you have created a brand new website today, and you go to and you do a search for your website.

For argument's sake, let's call it "yournewsite". If you type this URL into the search browser, you will get a return of something along the lines of "sorry, no information is available for the URL "yournewsite." Now, because your new website is actually brand new, it hasn't yet been indexed by Google, and so no information will be found.

In order to get your site ranked by Google, it must first get indexed by them to show you are there. In other words, in order to get your site ranked by Google, it must first get indexed.

And when your website gets indexed, important details such as the title, description and URL will appear in the Google search results. When I first created my website, I was tempted to use shortcuts to get my site indexed. One of the first things I did was to use Google's own website submission form to get my site ranked. By completing the form, Google stated that it would take approximately four weeks for the site to get placed on the index. But you don't actually need this. Forget it. I will show you how to get indexed and ranked by Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo! and MSN almost immediately. Do not complete any of these search engine submission forms. They are a waste of time and money.

How to Get Listed by Google in 24 Hours Guaranteed

The easiest and quickest way to get ranked by Google within 24 hours is to follow the steps highlighted below.

1. Type your main keyword into Google's search engine. You will be presented with a list of search results.

2. Take a look at each of the websites and check the Google page rank for each site. If you remember, the more websites (back links) you have linking to your site, the higher your page rank will be.

Now, keep an eye open for the websites that have a page rank of five or higher. If you find any, make a list.

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