Monday, September 7, 2009

How Long Can an Article Be?

People make the mistake all the time. Just because article directories allows 5000 words per articles doesn't mean that you should write long articles. In my opinion, it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in article writing and marketing. It is counterproductive and can actually hurt you.

Don't get me wrong. Long articles certainly have their own places and uses, but for article marketing and syndication, they are less effectiveness for a few reasons.

1. Quantity matters
If you write long articles, you will spend a lot of time building one fishing line. you should focus on writing more articles and get more fishing lines that work for you.

Although quality is important, you have to balance between quality and quantity for article marketing. I suggest that you focus on one idea at a time. Give away good information and give it quickly.

2. Time limitation
People are now having short attention span, especially on the Internet. If you want to convey your message, you should do it quickly. Spread different sub topics into multiple articles and let the readers choose whatever they want and get them quickly.

This fits with the principle above. Appreciate the reader's time. They hate to read 1000 words just to find one tidbit. Never hide information deep in the article. Using list or points like in this article can help them get the content easier.

3. Effectiveness
Your long article may be of high quality, but one or a few articles won't help you get enough readers that you can turn into site visitors and prospects or customers.

By splitting one long articles into two or more articles, you establish more points to reach back to you. Article marketing is effective if you reach lots of readers.

Again, it isn't that you should write lousy articles. Far from that, you also want to give good content, but do it appropriately. Give just enough to make the readers want to know more. Invite them to get much more from your site in the resource box. Do this repeatedly instead of giving all you have in one article.

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