Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Self Help Technique When Dealing With Type A Behavior

It is well known that Type A individuals are more likely to have heart attacks earlier in their lives. High stung individuals cannot go full tilt forever, and as they get older they start writing checks that their bodies simply cannot cash. They think young and feel young, but when push comes to shove they have a huge problem performing at the level they once did.

As they age, as we all age we simply do not have the agility we once had, pushing it can often lead to disaster. One famous psychologist suggested that such folks who had a Type Behavioral Pattern needed to switch from physical strenuous activities to mild forms of exercise and find intellectual endeavors to pursue instead.

Further, suggesting that they attack their knowledge and learning at the same level of fervor that they had their strenuous sports and activities. In this way they could enjoy the challenge, without over exerting themselves to the point of unhealthy activity that could lead to an early heart attack.

Putting an A Type person on a committee or allowing them to run an intellectual group often worked very well as they were completely results oriented. When put together with other high-achievers they did reach results. One thing you have to watch is matching such individuals with lackadaisical folks who just want to hang-out and were less into results and more into touchy feeling socializing, as these two personality types did not match.

Once an A personality type gets involved in intellectual pursuits their focus shifts and this is a much better personality displacement and much healthier as they grow older. Please consider this.

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