Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Self Help Program - 11 Forgotten Laws Training

Are you looking for the best self help program? The best one I've found is The 11 Forgotten Laws audio law of attraction training with Bob Proctor, from The Secret. In just a few short weeks, it's made a profound difference in my life.

We all approach self help programs with different needs. Although I'm happy with my life, I felt that I wasn't living up to my potential. I sensed that I could achieve more. Your needs will be different; perhaps you want to manifest a new job, a better income, or happier relationships.

"The 11 Forgotten Laws" is a new law of attraction training program. It's perfect for self help, because it's a six hour MP3 audio program, which you download to your computer. You can listen on your computer, or you can take it with you on your iPod, so you can listen while you're traveling or exercising.

With so many self help programs around, why do I consider that The 11 Forgotten Laws is the best?

Firstly, because it's practical.

It provides information in every session which you can put to use in your life immediately. The essence of the law of attraction is that you draw to you what you think about. That makes sense. However, applying this knowledge was always hard for me, until I started listening to this program.

I discovered that much of what I thought of as "thinking" wasn't thinking at all, and I really began to think, in the right way, and former problems just faded away.

Secondly, because The 11 Forgotten Laws is a conversation, it's not just an audio book. Bob Proctor chats with Mary Morrissey, so you get two points of view, and two sets of experiences -- many of their experiences will resonate with you, because you'll have similar experiences.

Thirdly, I value this program because it's laid out so well. It takes you to a whole new way of thinking and understanding step by step, with exercises you complete along the way.

If you're looking for the best self help program, I recommend The 11 Forgotten Laws. This audio training is a great investment in your future, and will help everyone around you too, as you change and start living the life of your dreams.

Have you tried and failed with The Secret? Here's a breakthrough: the 11 Forgotten Laws. It's complete training, with new, easy ways to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. Julia Denham has been working with the law of attraction for years; it works for her, when you discover the missing laws, it will work for you too. Visit her blog, The Law of Attraction and Prosperity at

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