Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 Keys to Excel At Sales Letter Writing

Sales letter writing can seem to be a tough task, especially in todays world when much of business and sales correspondence is done via the internet and telephone. The best sales letter writing, whether you are corresponding with your client through e-mail or conventional post, can be achieved through the following four tips:

1 Be formal, but not stiff. Formal language makes your letter sound professional, but too much formality can lead to a letter sounding impersonal, as if you are using a stock template for every client. This appearance can be very negative to a potential client, and should be avoided. The best sales letter writing will sound formal but have a personal undertone. Aim for this.

2 Your letter should be original. Most of your clients probably receive hundreds of sales letters, and the best sales letter writing will include some means of distinguishing your letter from the masses. You dont want your client to think that your product or service is just like everyone elses do you? Of course not, which is why you also do not want your letter sound the same as all the others. Make your letter something interesting without making it gimmicky, and youll have caught your clients attention.

3 Use their business name and name of your contact at least twice to let them know that you are aware of exactly who you are dealing with and that you have written your letter directly to them. Your client and contact should know that you are taking a personal interest in them when writing this letter. Not only does this provide a valuable distinction for you when competing against many other sales letters that are full of stock sentences and phrases, but it also gives a little ego boost to your client, which is one of the keys to the best sales letter writing.

Dont forget to sell. Some sales letter writers get so caught up in the rest of conventions that they forget to sell their product and service and end up missing the point completely. The best sales letter writing requires that you tell your client firmly in your letter why your particular product or service is better and more worth their time and money. Be clear, concise and upbeat, and you will surely win your clients attention.

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