Monday, September 7, 2009

Can You Make Money From the Internet?

Can you make money on the internet? Well the simple answer to that is yes you can, easily in fact. The problem is that the difference between making money and making enough money to make it worthwhile is huge. I recently put up an Autoblog website about films. I put on AdSense and some links to eBay and Amazon. Now I do nothing with the site and it earns me a small amount of money for every person that clicks on an advert. How much? Well it has currently paid me around $1 since I set it up around 3 months ago. So that's not exactly going to set the world on fire is it? I guess I could go mad and create another 1000 websites, but with the cost of domains and hosting even at that rate I would be losing money by the end of the year. I have to admit I am only letting the website run on autopilot for the moment until it has some decent rankings in the search engines, once it has that I can think about trying to monetize it more.

So how can you make effective money from the internet? Well you have to employ a series of strategies to spread your risk. For example I have a poker blog which earns a nice income from adverts from two advert suppliers. One of them recently changed its terms and conditions to no longer accept gambling related adverts. If the only thing I concentrated on was poker or gambling related sites, I could well have been looking at a substantial cut in income. So here are a few of the things I do to earn money on the internet.

  • Adverts from websites.
  • Posts from websites.
  • AdSense.
  • eBay and Amazon links.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Article marketing.

I hope this article has helped you think of some of the ways to earn money, but beware there are a huge amount of ebooks out there which promise to help you earn money on the internet, but don't always deliver the goods. Do your research before you buy anything!

Money from the internet is a definite possibility; the market which is worth billions each year is growing at a phenomenal rate. If it interests you can you afford to be left behind? You could earn a stand alone income or some extra money each month for those extras. More hints and tips to get you started can be found on my internet money tips page.

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