Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Four Tips to Help You Finance Your Bathroom Remodel

Financing any large remodeling project can be a pain, but when it comes to your bathroom, it can be an outright nightmare. But that doesn't have to be the case for you. When you learn about these four ways to help finance your bathroom remodeling project, you'll not only get to keep the bathroom vanity cabinets and vessel sinks that you've had your eye on, but you will also be able to add other stylish features that you never dreamed you could afford. While not all of these options will work for everyone, there's a perfect fit for you.

#1 Save your pennies

While many people might consider this to be the hardest way to finance your bathroom vanity cabinets, it's also a good way to prioritize the things that you want to add to your bathroom. By taking the time to put away money each month for six months, you will be able to buy your bathroom remodeling pieces outright instead of paying them off for years to come. Try putting as much as you can away into a savings or money market account that will give you a high interest rate. This will accumulate as you're saving, giving you even more money at the end of your planned savings time. Start by looking at how much money you have at the current time, deciding how much you will need, and then start saving!

#2 Finance your project

For those with good credit, you may be able to say 'yes' to vessel bathroom sinks immediately by opening up a store line of credit at your local bathroom supply store. Look for deals that include no interest for a specific period of time and then be sure to pay off the full amount within that time period. This will help you get everything you need at the same time, but allow you some grace time to pay it back off. The trick with getting credit is that you only want to get as much as you need so that you're not paying off this debt for the rest of your natural life.

#3 Make a trade

If you know someone in the bathroom remodeling business, you might be able to trade skills for a bathroom remodel. For example, if you're a carpenter, you might be able to help a bathroom contractor out with another project, free of charge in exchange for work on your own project. You might also have friends that can help you out and then you can pay them pack later or make other arrangements so that you can install your vessel bathroom sinks or vanity cabinets. You might also find the supplies you need at a swap meet or flea market.

#4 Shop around

You'd be surprised how many vessel sinks and bathroom vanity cabinets you can find for a steal on the internet. By shopping around, you may be able to find the right fixtures and accessories for your bathroom and then hire on a friend to help you install them - saving you labor costs. You might also try to install your own fixtures and other bathroom projects to save yourself even more money and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Financing your bathroom remodeling project isn't about taking out a large loan and hoping that you don't need more. Budgeting and financing should be something that takes creativity and some discipline. You need to make money available or use your money more wisely to finance your project - plain and simple. Where you cut those corners is up to you.

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Dave Robert is a VP at Discount Bathroom Vanities Publishing, and an avid fixer-upper who's been restoring old houses for more than twenty years. Readers can tap into Dave's knowledge about home remodeling, and kitchen and bathroom design, at: http://www.DiscountBathroomVanities.com

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