Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep Your Hot Tub Filters in Good Working Order

Stepping into the warm, massaging water of a hot tub is a great way to relax. Research is beginning to emerge that shows the many health benefits that warm and massaging water can provide to the human body. Muscles relax and people's sense of well being is positively affected.

It is therefore important to keep your spa or hot tub in good working order. Part of this is keeping your water clean and healthy. A hot tub filter is used to trap debris and dirt that accumulate in the water. Often this is hair or dirt. It could also include dust or leaves depending on your backyard and where you live. A filter in good working order will keep your water clean and ensure that you can continue to enjoy your tub without any adverse effects.

There is a range of different filters that you can buy. The most important thing is to purchase one that fits your spa. The best place to find this information is in the manual that would have come with your hot tub. The type of filter you need to buy will determine the price but most range between $20 and $100. You should be able to find a hot tub filter at your local spa store or even online.

The life of hot tub filters is around one year. This can be shorter or longer depending on how often you use the tub, whether you have a spa cover and how much debris are blown around your backyard.

To keep your filter in proper working order it is important to clean it regularly. Remove the filter, hose it down with a pressurized hose and pull out any large debris. This may be quick and simple, but can extend the life of hot tub filters and keep your water clean and healthy.

For more information on the best spa cover for you, check out the Spa Cover Guide. A recent article that may interest you covers looking after hot tub filters.

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