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How to Write a Great Article - Start With the Headline

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Article Marketing

Grab Attention. Write a Killer Headline

Percolation Stage

The most effective way to write an article that will attract and hold an audience is to start at the very top with an eye popping headline. As you run ideas and story lines in your head, you will want to let them mill around and percolate before you do anything.

Then when the muse hits you, a light will go off and bingo, it will be the time to write that killer headline.

Why start there you say? Here's why!

Benefit Gratification

First of all, the very bold idea at the top of the page will define the main focus of your readers' interest. It will be the very reason they have decided to stop and give you their time and attention. Though a fair number may stop and read the headline, a smaller number will actually stay to read the content. So you had better focus on their interest and deliver on the promise.

Content Flow and Benefit

The benefit of a well written headline is that it will dictate the type of content the reader is looking for. That makes it easier for you to write the article. For example, How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Chewing Your Shoes is one headline that would have had me there in a split second and saved me a whole chunk of money, not to mention three pairs of shoes. That headline targets what the reader is looking for and tells you the kind of content to write.

It is a very benefit driven headline that makes a reader really want to stay and solve an annoying and aggravating problem.

Tried and True Headline Forms

There are some tried and true headline forms that you should keep in mind as you research and outline material for your article. Some samples of headline templates are: Top 7 Pitfalls of, Why You Should Use, Learn How to, 12 Common Pitfalls of, 10 Best Methods for, 3 SimpleTips, you get the idea.


One more point to consider in your headline is the use of keywords. As you do your research, spend some time looking at what people are using to search for the information they want. Once you have an idea of the keyword mix that people are using, you can write a headline that you know will attract and hold their attention. That Puppy Chewing headline would certainly have attracted and held mine.

There is a debate about whether you should write for your audience or whether you should write for keyword optimization. The fact is the really talented writers learn how to write for both. It just takes some time and effort to develop the skill to craft the language that works in a natural way. If you take the time to research your keywords, you will deliver to your readers what they want to know.


To sum it up, when you get an idea of what you want to write, jot down your ideas on a piece of paper or on a notepad on your computer. Then look at the pattern of ideas and come up with a headline that speaks to a specific problem or solution. Spend some time organizing your points. Then write the headline in bold. Once you have it, you will be pleasantly surprised how the list of ideas you have already developed will put themselves in an order that flows naturally.

So give your best and go for the gold.

May Your Travels Be Prosperous

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