Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Hot is Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a feisty place, a place of sizzling, burning, searing, and grilling, with the whistle of steam and the crackle of oil all combining to create a symphony that's so good you can taste it.

But how hot is your kitchen in actuality? I'm not talking about temperature I am referring to excitement, to inspiration, to passion. Are the walls coated in bare and lonely wall paper, screaming for an accent? Or do they have style, and character, born from a thousand tiny details each expressing the inner you?

The energy in your kitchen may come from the cook, but the cook's energy has to come from inspiration. A kitchen devoid of character will not ignite new ideas, and it won't excite the imagination.

On the other hand however, it is quite possible to get too hot. You don't want to be sweating in the salsa. Over stimulation can lead to mistakes, and mistakes usually taste terrible.

So the kitchen ends up being a compromise. You balance hot against cold, energy against calculation, to form the perfect space for creation. And you judge this balance with the best scale available, your own body.

Everyone has an internal temperature, and a psychological temperament. Some people are always excited, always energetic, while others are calmer, and more calculating.

When you are the cook, it is your job to mold the kitchen to suit the emotional needs of your personality. This can be done by balancing your own heat, and energy, against the stimulus in the room. In this way you can invigorate your calm serenity with some exciting colors, or cool off a fiery temperament with some soothing art pieces.

Conclusion: How hot do you want your kitchen to be? Cool as a cucumber or hot as a tamale? The answer is simple, balance the space against your own personal flame.

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