Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looking around the Body in a Meditative State

An alternative way to look at your body from within and bring about healing and rebalancing.

From this infinite, stable state of self-awareness we can take the conscious mind to look at all the organs of the body. In this quiet state we can feel any un-ease or slight sensation of pain. This discomfort may have been caused by stress or a negative emotion and these feelings of discomfort can turn into the seeds of disease.

If we have a disease or problem area in our body, in this state of quiet meditation, we can take the conscious mind to that area, investigate the problem and decide the best course of action to correct this imbalance or physical damage.

A good way to look at the body is a bit like looking at the country. Just as the country is made up of lots of individual people, all pulling together to benefit the whole country, we can look at the body as being made up of lots of individual cells.

Just imagine yourself in an aeroplane at night looking down at a large town. We see all the car lights driving down the road. This reminds me so much of the blood of the country flowing around the country, carrying all the knowledge and materials needed to maintain the country in good health.

In the same way, as we meditate we take the conscious mind to finer and finer levels of the thought process. This feeling of expansion also has a physical side; we see finer and finer levels of the physical body.

For example, we are deep in meditation and we feel a slight pain in the heart. Our attention is naturally drawn to that area of pain. In our awareness we get a vision of our heart. At first this is a general outline and we notice it pulsating as it performs its natural function.

As we carry on meditating and go a little deeper into that quiet state of meditation, we notice the heart is coming closer and getting bigger. We find that we can go inside the heart and check out all the arteries. As we go even deeper, we start to see all the cells that make up the heart and, if we want, we can talk to these cells and ask if they have any problems.

In this way we can see and find out what imbalances exist and what is causing the problem.

Another example may be that we live in a town where the Queen is coming to visit and the whole town gets excited. The Queen arrives and her kind words uplift all the people and for weeks and months afterwards there is a feeling of warmth and love in the town.

In the same way we can take our conscious mind, like the Queens visit, to an organ like the heart, and in that quiet state of meditation visit that organ, and thank all the cells for their untiring work in keeping the body in perfect health. We can praise them and appreciate their work. We can listen to their concerns and suggest remedies.

One concern they may have is that there is a deposit building up on the inside of the arteries. This may be caused by too high a level of blood cholesterol.

In this quiet state of meditation were the mind is expanded and you feel at one with yourself and the universe, you could introduce a small impulse of thought or a very fine feeling that says: I want to be more aware of what I eat, or I want my digestive system to stop absorbing cholesterol; or you could ask the cells who are responsible for cleaning the arteries to recruit more cells and design a more efficient cleaning method. The possibilities are limited only by our knowledge and perception.

Just as in the physical world in which we live technology is forever advancing, new materials are being designed, better designs and layouts of roads, buildings etc.; in the same way, in this quiet state of meditation, we can suggest to our cells DNA that we want the body to work in a more efficient way.

You could suggest that you want some cells to look at what is happening in other parts of the body. Is there a material in another part of the body, which could be utilised to solve a problem here? If so we can increase the knowledge of the cells to use this new design and bring about an improvement. This has been going on for aeons in the subconscious of man and forms the basis of human evolution.

But with modern techniques of meditation it is now possible to speed up this process just by becoming aware of it.

Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved.

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