Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Write Articles - 4 Guidelines to Writing Winning Articles

Are you looking for knowledge on how to write articles? Then look no further. Together we are going to discuss the steps necessary to writing good quality articles that will presell your visitors.

How to write articles strategy #1: Brainstorm.

Every good writer brainstorms on a topic before writing to do otherwise is lazy and you'll end up writing sloppy articles that nobody will read. Sit down at a comfortable spot in your home and take about 15-30 minutes to think of topics that you think your audience would be interested in knowing more about.

How to write articles strategy #2: Research.

Next, you're going to research the topic you just brainstormed. If your writing search engine optimized articles go over to Google's keyword tool type in the keyword. Your looking to see if your keyword gets any searches. Only write articles that get at least two hundred searches or more each month.

A quick tip for writing SEO articles: Place the keyword in the article title preferably within the first three words. For example, if my keyword was "network marketing success" my headline would be "Network Marketing Success." And place the keyword at least once in each paragraph.

How to write articles strategy #3: Gather Tips.

If the topic your wanting to write about gets two hundred or more searches per month then your ready for the next strategy, which is to gather tips for the article.

Type the keyword(s) in a search engine click and read a few articles on the topic. Write down a few tips that you think your readers would enjoy reading and expand on them. Writing "How To" articles is a great way to write using this method.

Article writing strategy #4: Outline.

Now your ready to begin writing the article. Simply take the tips you gathered earlier and write a few sentences about each tip. You want to have an opening paragraph that will describe what you plan to achieve with your article, and then a few body paragraphs to elaborate the major points of discussion.

After you have written the article put it away for a day or two then come back to it and polish up the article then publish the article on your website and article directories.

At the end of the article your going to want to capitalize on the time and effort you spent writing the article. The link in your resource box should lead the traffic back to your website or a lead capture page.

The reason you want a link at the bottom of a article is because if other webmasters like your article they will take your article and publish it on their website giving you more traffic.

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