Sunday, August 30, 2009

Different Types of Showers - Home Tips

Electric showers have gained more popularity than other types of showers due to its functional superiority. Stored water is not required for operating one. These showers comprise of an inbuilt system, which draws water from an inlet to feed the heating device. However, maintaining equilibrium in water pressure at the inlet is important to achieve maximum benefits from these showers.

Thousands of different shower models have swamped the market these days. Of these, Mira electric showers and the Triton showers stand out due to their added features. Irrespective of the model you prefer, it is of paramount importance that water supply pipes are fixed properly below the surface of the wall or the floor before installation. A separate electric circuit dedicated for the electric shower unit is an additional security feature advised by most designers and architects.

Many new innovations have come about. Standard fixed showerheads are being replaced quickly by the more convenient hand held ones. Large top showers with several sprays placed at different angles to treat different parts of the body at one time are also gaining popularity. These outlets can be activated or deactivated as per requirement.

If you are planning to buy showers for your house, several aspects need to be kept in mind. The heating systems already in place, the plumbing, electric supply lines and connections, the space available in the bathroom and moreover the tastes of the inhabitants should be evaluated. Once installed, these showers can turn bathing into a fulfilling and invigorating experience.

Written by James Chapman, a director of Bella Bathrooms Ltd who supply Showering products across the UK.

Bella Bathrooms is an online retailer formed by 2 plumbers from the North East of England. Having hands on experience of custom bathroom installation and products has enabled Bella Bathrooms Ltd to only select quality bathroom products for their online shop. They sell bathroom furniture, bathroom suites, showers and bath related products for consumers through the United Kingdom.

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