Sunday, August 9, 2009

Effectively Study For Finals

One of the most stressful times in college is finals time. Students performance on finals will often be the difference between and A or a B. It may even be the difference between passing the class and failing the class. For this reason it is very important to learn tips on how to study for finals. I have written many articles with tips and suggestions that you can use but this article will explain the basic foundation to success and tell you how to use it to become a better student.

The basic foundation to success in school, business or life in general is motivation. Sorry if you were looking for the end all be all suggestion but the bottom line is motivation directly relates to success. But how does motivation make you a better student and furthermore how can I get motivated if I am not.

Motivation works best if you know what you want to achieve. Students or people who feel like they are spinning their wheels often feel this way because they do not have a plan or direction to focus on. Therefore motivation will suffer. The first thing that you must do is to understand what you want to accomplish and then write it to paper to confirm it. Maybe you want a promotion at work or maybe you want A in a class or a 4.0 GPA. Once you know what you want to accomplish you use your motivation and desire to achieve your goals.

Clearly, this is easier said than done and in order to be successful you have to make sacrifices. The key point here is develop your goals, focus on what you want and you will see your motivation increase. Maybe you are a student who is struggling, if you are this article also applies to you. Set your goals to become a better student and use your new found motivation to learn new study tips and methods. Then put those newly found tips and methods into practice and watch the results.

My motivation was to become a better student by learning how to improve my study skills and also learning how to increase my study speed. Motivation will help you become a better student guaranteed but you have to find it and use it. As mentioned before becoming a better student is learning how to increase your study speed. A website you can go to to learn the benefits of speed studying is here Imagine how well of a test taker you will be when you can study twice the material in half the time. My motivation was because I had more time to focus on other things. There are many benefits to using this method of studying. I used this method and was able to finish my undergrad in 3 and half years and currently I carry a 3.79 in my MBA program. If you want to be a better student follow these tips and check the website out you won't regret it

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