Friday, August 28, 2009

Employee Motivation Through Employee Tracking

Generally what happens in most organizations, each and every employee has got few projects to work on but no body knows what exactly is going on with that employee. Whether he is performing his role well, applying his best or net, whether he is satisfied with his profile or need growth as per his extra skills and capabilities.

Log your time offers an online web based employee tracking software, employee performance tracking software which plays a very important role in keeping track of your employees.

Why the Employee is not performing well?

May be the employee is not satisfied with his job, he is not getting what exactly he deserves, not getting good work environment, it may be the main reason, why he is not performing well and not properly managing the projects assigned to him.

Looking after employees performances the HR managers can make direct contacts to their employees and can better evaluate what exactly going on in his mind, only then they can make further decisions regarding their employee satisfaction, employee motivation giving them proper work environment, better compensations, further growth as per their performances and skills.

How to motivate employees through attendance tracking

This software keeps track of employees attendance, whether they are regular/ punctual or not. It may be due job dissatisfaction. May be your next door office offers more benefits that your company does? Employees are getting better growth, better packages as per their performances because they are properly tracking their employees performances, their roles, their working skills etc.

How to motivate your employees?

Motivating employees to work their best is necessary in any kind of job. Workers are your machinery in the workplace and it is necessary that they function well to get the job done well and perfect. To perfectly have the results that you want from them, you have to take care of them properly and give them the necessary energy they need in doing their job well. If you need to give them the incentives and benefits, do so, in order for you to get the results you want from them. Thus Due to proper employee performance tracking an organization can boost up their employees morale and can get high quality performances in return from their employees.

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