Monday, August 3, 2009

Finding Mold Killers

In order for a solution to be a worthwhile mold killer you need two important parts to stop mold growth. The first key ingredient is taking away the food source. The second important factor is changing the molds living environment. In order to be a categorized as mold killers the solution will change the DNA makeup of the mold and change it's local environment. In order to complete both, a great solution is encapsulation to develop a safe shield on the surface.

The system of developing a shield will destroy mold spores and block enzymes from growing back. while in the shielding phase the solution kills mold spores and block future reproduction. This clear surface changes the food source by not allowing the organisms to eat from that surface and killing black mold at the same time.

Many of the markets cleaners do destroy mold to a degree. An issue occurs when there is not future prevention. Thousands of Residential Mold Removal companies have been using mold killers and blockers to prevent future problems for the business and clients. A great mold killer for the famous black mold that we commonly see is about killing and preventing.

Forget about bleach. Although, bleach is a great cleaning product for the house. Bleach is harsh and full of chemicals to the point where they are more toxic than mold spores. The best mold solution to use is an organic product that is safe to use around your children and home. Not many products on the market are doing this because of the technology and possibly long term profits.

I believe if you clean mold and block it's future growth there may not be such a profit for companies. A speculation and you can come to your own conclusion. As a cmc certified microbial consultant is is always a must for my family and i to use a mold killer and block that is safe and organic to use around.e used.

If you have a bigger mold problem do research on finding a Mold Inspector and Asbestos Consultant. They will be a great resource for your family and offer sound advice. Think about a safe shield solution if you have a smaller amount of mold in the house or commercial space. Also, educate yourself on the mold symptoms so there is a better understanding of the mold spores and the effects to the system it can cause.

Markus Skupeika

Finding new solutions for mold and mildew removal. Great listing of sites and cleaning products for the fellow mold sufferers.

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