Monday, August 31, 2009

Are There Really Home Water Filters That Work?

A lot of people seem to be of the opinion that home water filters won't really do enough of a job of purifying our drinking water to make them worth the expense. Then you will hear many of those same people turn around and ask, how do water filters work. It all just seems odd to me, that's all.

I mean, how can you tell me in one breath that you don't think that home water filters do an adequate enough job to protect you from the pollutants in our drinking water, and then turn around in the next an tell me that you don't even really have a full understanding of how the filter operates?

If you suffer from a lack of knowledge as far as how do water filters work, then how can you pass a judgment down upon them? You have to have a full comprehension of what these units can do, and you also have to have a working knowledge of exactly what kinds of contaminants the unit is going to have to face.

Home water filters have to have a well rounded filtering design due to how many different pollutants that it deals with. The most potent threat comes from the chemicals that are present in our water supplies. There can be literally hundreds of them present in trace amounts, and the majority of them all reach our homes at one point or another.

To understand how do water filters work against these chemicals you have to know that there is such a variety of them that you actually need more than on internal filter in order to be able to effectively block them all. For this your unit needs both a multi media block, and a granular activated carbon filter. Together they will block 99% of the chemical content of your water.

Your home water filters also need to be able to block parasites and cysts from you drinking water. For this you need what is called a sub micron filter system. There is also one more filter that you need if you are going to be successful in removing the only remaining threat which is lead and copper.

So, how do water filters work in removing these toxic metals from your water? The system will this time employ an ion exchange unit which will effectively trap these heavy metals, and it will replace them with sodium and potassium. This unit is also effective for keeping your waters pH level balanced,

Any unit that you may find that has all four of these filters in it is a water filter well worth the money that you pay for it, and to be honest with you there are units that contain all of these features that are really quite reasonably priced. Don't let anyone fool you into believing that you have to pay a small fortune for home water filters that are effective in purifying your water, because that is absolutely not the case.

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