Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roman Shades Add Style, Privacy and Lower Energy Bills!

Roman Shades made with an insulated or blackout lining will lower your energy bills. In these days of trying to cut costs do not forget the obvious in any room, your windows if not covered are costing you more money than you realize.

In the winter they can block out unwanted cold air drafts lowering your energy bill. In the summertime they can block out the heat of the sun which lowers your energy bill. Having trouble viewing your television on that sunny day? Roman Shades will get rid of the glare on the screen. Blackout linings combine fashion with function.

Windows are the single most area of your home where energy escapes or enters your home. Windows are also the most focal point of a room that should be dressed to add warmth and style to the room. Roman Shades add that designers touch to any room where there are numerous styles to achieve your goals of style, privacy and decor. By using a thermal backed lining you can achieve up to a R-9 rating for insulation depending on the face fabric you use. 100% Cotton Duck fabric with a thermal insulated lining has been used for years in the design industry for exceptional window coverings that are energy efficient.

Roman Shades were at one time only available through a designer or design center but are now available through many different resources including the Internet. Bandings or trim can also be added to any style to give a personal touch to any style.

M-C Roman Shades can fabricate your shades in a variety of seventeen styles with a 100% cotton duck fabric and thermal lining. We have been a fabricator of Roman and Balloon Shades for 26 years and can be found at You may supply your own fabric if desired. Toll free 800-261-8755

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