Friday, October 2, 2009

The Importance of Remodeling

In real estate, first impressions truly are everything. In fact buyers can usually tell within the first few seconds of viewing a home whether or not it's the right choice. Call it intuition or a simple matter of taste but at the end of the day sellers must make sure the home exterior grabs attention.

The National Association of Realtors reports that sellers have the best return on investment with exterior remodeling projects which is a no brainer considering it's the first thing prospective clients see. These remodeling projects can encompass a number of things from vinyl sliding to wood decks.

Keeping in mind that since the exterior is what most people see, that's where sellers should put the majority of their funds. This is not to say that interiors should be overlooked as interior remodeling also has its sizable return on investment but in this case one must take into account the whole first impressions idea.

Remodeling does not necessarily have to involve (or be limited to) the actual home exterior as the landscaping can also have a dramatic effect in catching a buyer's attention from the outside. After all, a colorful and well maintained yard does give off an impression that the home is in good condition.

During these tough times when buyers are scarce, the more effort that's put into making a good first impression, the better the chances of finding a buyer. Always make sure that whatever funds are used towards any home remodeling are not funds which affect money used for an emergency or for long term savings.

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